Shopify acquires shipping logistics startup Deliverr for $2.1B

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Published on 05/13/2022

Shopify acquires shipping logistics startup Deliverr


The eCommerce success tale from San Francisco, California - Deliverr has been acquired by Shopify for a whooping $2.1 billion, including cash and inventory. This is Shopify's largest acquisition to date, and it will help the company build a complete logistics platform that allows businesses to send products to customers quickly.

Some analysts may be surprised by Shopify's $2.1 billion acquisition of shipping logistics firm Deliverr. While many retailers have historically battled with shipping choices, the recent pandemic has heightened demand. As a result, the rate of digital product purchases grew dramatically. Thus, internet based merchants are looking for more dependable shipping choices. After acquiring Deliverr, Shopify will be able to offer next-day and two-day shipping to its customers.

The agreement will make shipping and fulfilling orders easier for internet shops. Delivery will provide shipment management software as well as an asset-light driver network. Shopify will pay $1.68 billion in cash, with the remaining amount paid in stock. Deliverr’s services include:

  • Algorithms for inventory positioning
  • Fulfilment optimization in real-time across several channels.

The acquisition is Shopify's most prominent in its history, and it will streamline the company's shipping and fulfilment services.

Deliverr's acquisition will improve merchant supply chains and strengthen Shopify's fulfillment network. Shop Promise, a next-day delivery effort that employs Deliverr's services, will be powered by the combined company's technology. Merchants will have even more alternatives, such as storage, freight, inventory preparation, and returns. Before being acquired by Shopify, the company raised $490.9 million in capital, which is a huge sum.

Logistics Startup

The acquisition is Shopify's largest to date, and it will help the company optimize its merchant supply chains. Harish Abbott created Deliverr in 2006, and it will continue to support several eCommerce sites, including Amazon and Walmart. Shopify's fulfillment staff will be doubled thanks to the merged company's two-day shipping and fulfillment services.

Deliverr's purchase comes as retail valuations continue to grow. Amazon recently launched Buy With Prime, which allows merchants to offer customers Prime delivery alternatives. Customers will be able to order same-day or next-day delivery using the new Delivery symbol, which will be accessible on Shopify's site. The merger of these organizations will give merchants more visibility while also increasing their shipping partnerships.

About Shopify

Shopify is a prominent global commerce firm that offers trusted solutions for starting, growing, marketing, and managing any size retail business. Shopify improves commerce for everyone by providing a dependable platform and services, as well as a better shopping experience for customers all around the world. Millions of businesses use Shopify in over 175 countries, including Allbirds, Gymshark, PepsiCo, Staples, and many others.

About Deliverr

Deliverr enables businesses to provide customers with fast delivery experiences. Deliverr employs machine learning and predictive intelligence to decide which of its warehouses should be used to keep its clients' items. The company is based in San Francisco, California, and was launched in 2017.

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