TechCrunch’s first ever in-person Mobility session since 2019 in May

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Published on 05/12/2022

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The pandemic has really forced the entire world to be locked up in their homes. This had also led TechCrunch to temporarily halt their in-person mobility sessions. However, this year techcrunch is hosting their in-person mobility sessions again. This will be the first physical event that the company will be hosting since 2019. Over the past couple of years, these sessions have been held online. But this May, the TC Sessions: Mobility 2022 will be held from May 18- May 19, in San Mateo, California. This two day event will be followed by an online session on the 20th of May, 2022. The online session on the 20th of May will enable remote participants to catch up on the highlight of live events of the past two days as well as allow participants to attend live pitch feedback and reviews for startups. Not just that remote participants will also have the opportunity to network and watch full sessions of the events.

TechCrunch has been hosting its mobility sessions for the past four years. The Mobility events hosted by TechCrunch aims to bring together entrepreneurs, founders, engineers, regulators, investors and other passionate technologists who are zealous about moving people and packages around the world. This includes mobility of any kind, ranging from AI automated vehicle technology. 5G, SaaS to even urban air taxis and aerospace mobility that aim to revolutionize the way we think about transport. This event will allow participants to see beyond the headlines and take a look at the emerging technologies in the field of transport and mobility.

The TC Sessions: Mobility 2022 will be graced with speakers like Sterling Anderson ( the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Aurora), Tarik Bolat (CEO and co-founder of GPR), Herbert Diess (CEO of the Volkswagen group), Regina Clewlow (Co-founder and CEO of Populus) and many more. Interested participants can buy their passes early on the 15th of May, 2022 and get a chance to save USD 200. The entire session is packed with over 30 interactive presentations from experienced entrepreneurs, technologists and expert investors. The complete agenda for the session can be found here. Tickets to the TC Sessions: Mobility 2022 can be bought via this link here.

A little about TechCrunch

Founded on June 11, 2005, TechCrunch is a news website dedicated to providing its readers with the most up-to-date information about the tech world. They provide ground breaking information about technology related news, as well as analysis, and opinions from the tech world. They present their views on everything from startups to even venture capital funds. The company was founded by Archimedes Ventures and was led by Micheal Arrington and Keith Teare. It is based in San Francisco. Over the years the company has managed to publish news articles in Chinese and Japanese.

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