Toronto-based AI startup Tilr receives a 1.3 Million dollars grant from the Ontario government.

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Published on 05/12/2022

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Tilr, a Toronto- based AI (Artificial Intelligence) startup, has secured a grant of 1.3 Million dollars from the Ontario government in the second round of the Skills and Development Fund (SDF). Over 200 companies have been financed in the second round of SDF. Tilr was founded in 2017 and is focused on applying AI to human resources-related activities. This includes helping managers and professionals find the right people who fit their required job profiles. It helps companies evaluate the skills and talents of applicants as well as of employees in the workplace. This aims to help recruiters source candidates by aptly gauging their abilities, skills and potential and to see if they are well suited for the particular job. Tilr aims to make hiring processes more efficient and inclusive.

With the help of the grant that it has received from the Ontario government, Titr aims to launch its second product soon. This product is said to aid organizations in investing in their employees in training, upskilling, reskilling and helping them find a clear career path. They intend to carry out these processes with the help of personalized training programmes that can be customized to fit the individual needs of every employee. These training programmes will take into account the skills, aspirations, future career goals and profiles of every employee and try to match it with the needs of the company.

Recently, Tilr partnered with Bimaadzwin. Bimaadzwin is an organization which is focused on supporting indigenous and First Nation communities of Canada through healthcare and economic support. The Tilr and Bimaadzwin collaboration aims to train, upskill and reskill indigenous groups across Canada in order to provide them more opportunities.

Some other organizations that received funding in the second round of SDF

Over 200 organizations received funding in the second round of the SDF funding, organized by the Ontario government. This also included other startups and foundations. Medical Innovation Xchange , which is based in Kitchener-Waterloo, is also one of the organizations to secure a grant. Medical Innovation Xchange is a healthcare tech hub that provides advisory assistance and consultations to enterprises that look to pivot towards manufacturing and supplying medical appliances. This organization partnered up with the Government of Ontario in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic.

A grant of 1.6 million dollars was received by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority and was used to create Toronto Pearson Airport’s very first airport-wide job portal. They also aim to launch an initiative called ‘Accelerate her Future’ which aims to aid Black, indigenous and women belonging to minority communities via a Virtual Career Accelerator program.

About SDF

The inception of SDF (Skill Development Fund) occurred in February of 2021, wherein 115 million dollars were allocated to improve hiring processes and reduce the obstacles that are faced in hiring, retaining talent and training. 83 million dollars were later added to this fund in September, which brought the total fund to 200 million dollars. The idea behind creating the SDF was the Great Resignation that was witnessed due to the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, most companies also faced the issue of retaining their employees and experiencing skill gaps in specific sectors. According to a study reported by the University of Alberta, over 60% of the Canadian workforce lacked the required training and skills in upcoming technologies. This has decreased productivity and affected the Canadian GDP by 70 billion dollars.

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