Alpha Anywhere vs Backendless Comparison, Pricing and Promos

Alpha Anywhere and Backendless are leading the charge as two popular app development software options. Alpha Anywhere offers SaaS solutions to app developers working across industries like oil and gas, healthcare, construction, and manufacturing. Backendless is a virtual application development platform (VADP) that connects users, API, and database management functionality with a web-based interface.

But how do they stack up against each other? Let's find out.

The key features that identify Alpha Anywhere are its ability to work in deployment management, data modeling, software development, source control, and compatibility testing. Alpha Anywhere is particularly valuable in creating data-driven apps to control regulatory compliance, mitigate risks, and respond to sales or service queries.
This platform is also useful as it allows users to validate data entries against online and offline databases. Another crucial usage of Alpha Anywhere is that it triggers SMS texts and email reports and generates custom reports.
Alpha Anywhere supports compatibility in mobile app development. It also supports FaceID and Touch ID, Single sign-on, and source control. Additional features that make it unique in terms of integration involve supporting Microsoft access, GitHub, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Backendless has crucial features that stand out from Alpha Anywhere. For example, Backendless supports any development language. Also, Backendless can support a drag-and-drop editor. When it comes to integrations, Backendless is helpful in developing Draftbit, Flutter, and Adalo.
In general, Backendless is user-friendly and can push notifications, send emails, and supports geolocation-based and real-chat functionality. The ability to connect with an external database enables you to maintain existing data sources and helps you take control of those databases by applying Backendless' intuitive interface.

Alpha Anywhere
Customer Rating:

Mobile app development tool with low code

Community Edition - Free
<ul> <li>Web and Mobile Development</li> <li>Connect to Any Data Source</li> <li>Create and Consume Web Services</li> <li>Full-Stack Development</li> </ul>
<ul> <li>Ideal to Develop, Test & Light Use</li> <li>100 Compute Units / month</li> <li>5 Concurrent Deployments</li> <li>5 GB In/ 5 GB Out Data Transfer</li> </ul>
<ul> <li>Ideal for Small Production Applications</li> <li>500 Compute Units / month</li> <li>10 Concurrent Deployments</li> <li>25 GB In/ 25 GB Out Data Transfer</li> </ul>
<ul> <li>Ideal for Production Applications</li> <li>1000 Compute Units / month</li> <li>20 Concurrent Deployments</li> <li>50 GB In/ 50 GB Out Data Transfer</li> </ul>

Alpha Anywhere is a low code mobile application development tool that can be used to generate cross-platform mobile apps as per need. The developed applications are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, facilitating seamless integration with pre-existing systems and workflows, backed by additional security to safeguard corporate data. Businesses can also depend on the software to develop simple apps out of complex paper forms and speed up the entire data collection process.

Customer Rating:
Not rated

Visual app development platform

<ul> <li>Unlimited API calls/month</li> <li>200 database tables</li> <li>Unlimited push notifications</li> </ul>
Cloud 9
<ul> <li>10,000,000 API calls/month</li> <li>100 database tables</li> <li>500,000 push notifications</li> <li>Flexible limits</li> </ul>
Cloud 99
<ul> <li>40,000,000 API calls/month</li> <li>200 database tables</li> </ul>

Backendless is a Visual App Development Platform (VADP) that combines API, user, and database management functionality with a user-friendly, web-based interface and UI Builder. Backendless offers the ability to send emails and push notifications and supports real-time chat and geolocation-based functionality. A Backendless application can be customized with manually written code or using our Codeless logic builder. The platform can be hosted on our cloud servers or installed on your own

Alpha Anywhere is designed to contain a runtime version that performs registered livestock sales for livestock producers. The version can reduce the hours taken to complete livestock sales tasks. When the Alpha product progresses to high code, it increases your ability to convert your products to the web.
Backendless offers an excellent platform that helps you to deploy, run, and scale your API services. The goal is to help in providing service management to the platform. Backendless help you to proficiently establish and manage microservice architectures for your products.

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