Five Most Recommended OKR Software for Startups

OKRs help drive your company's strategic direction by setting goals that should be quantifiable and include a time frame. A host of software apps can help you with this process at the organizational and individual levels. At InsiderApps, we've compiled our favorites for you to choose from depending on what suits your business needs best.

Why should startups use OKRs for growth?

OKRs are very useful when it comes to achieving goals. This is because they create the right environment for prioritizing and focusing on the things that matter most in business. Additionally, OKRs act effectively as a communication tool across your organization because they allow you to keep everyone up-to-date with what's going on and explain how each person can help their team succeed.

These best OKR software online and in-app forms also let you deal with any issues quickly and make changes as needed; you only need to set clear goals for yourself and then work towards achieving them effectively. If something important gets left out or there's a significant roadblock to a successful outcome, these means of goal tracking are invaluable!

1. offers companies an easy way to use OKRs to align their teams around the goals that matter most! lets you create and customize your plan at the beginning of the quarter, track progress each week with biweekly check-ins and reviews, collaborate with teammates using our inbuilt collaborative features, and toast to a job well done when it's all over using our inbuilt reflective learning modules. is readily available for businesses of all sizes, so no matter what industry you're in, it's never been easier to implement novel planning methods like OKRs! also has employee engagement and employee development inbuilt - real-time reports and dashboards, which means you can view your team's progress at any given moment and identify potential problems early on. integrates with the following products: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, Google Calendar, Google Drive and Docs, Stack Overflow, and IRC, among others. On top of this, you can develop your custom integrations using's Integration Engine, which is something you would need to invest time into to improve adoption across the company as a whole.

Features of

  • Feedback
  • Messaging Integrations
  • Confidence Levels
  • Onboarding
  • Team OKR
  • Mind Mapping
  • Individual OKR
  • Action Item Creation
  • Creation and Assignment
  • Task Prioritization
  • Dependencies
  • To-Do List
  • Recurring Tasks

Benefits of using

  • The software helps the team leaders focus on the business's overall goals and objectives.
  • The software allows the team leaders to measure their team's progress in real-time.
  • The software helps in flagging the potential problems in advance.
  • The alignments dashboard helps the team members analyze the company's goals and how they contribute to them.
  • It helps in ensuring that the OKRs are aligned with the employees.
  • It helps in making adjustments to help the employees achieve their objectives.
  • The software helps celebrate the achievement by awarding the team members for their progress and sharing learning. is an app available on

2. Synergita

Synergita is a product that helps teams and organizations collaborate more effectively. For example, the team can engage in open discussions around specific topics if one has an issue or concern to discuss with prioritization and planning tasks. Synergita also has a rating system for employees and measures their areas of expertise against industry standards. Using Synergita can help improve employee retention by allowing them to track their progress, giving them a better idea of how they're doing at their job.

The best way to deal with problems like these is head-on, which is why Synergita has undergone rigorous testing before selling. As it stands today, Synergita is arguably one of the most intuitive solutions available on the market.

Synergita can integrate with HRIS , expense management, and CRM systems. It also generates actionable analytics like new hire and attrition reports or gap analysis features that are useful to keep managers on top of everything relevant in their business when it comes down to the important stuff!

Features of Synergita

  • Employee Engagement
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Rewards and Recognitions
  • Culture Score
  • E-Communication
  • Performance Management
  • Goals Management
  • Performance Reviews
  • Feedback
  • Employee Development
  • OKR
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Feedback Survey

Benefits of using Synergita

  • Objectives and Results Alignment- Synergita helps you establish your goals and objectives so that you manage to keep everyone working toward the exact cause as a company. The company objective, key results, and contributions information can also be assigned to managers responsible for reporting back on their achievements, which can drive their team members towards success. You can let in-office and remote teams establish a goal based on how they can contribute to the company objectives. Individual objectives and critical results help determine progress and set up alerts for those exploring ways to improve the performance of their business units by encouraging horizontal and vertical collaboration.
  • Engagement Tools- Synergita's social media is a perfect way to talk and share celebrations with your team. This tool rewards so many achievements that the work will be highly energized, and everyone will be inspired to work just a little harder to meet those goals because more people will start noticing! This tool keeps communication positive, transparent, and honest in enterprise management.
  • Performance Evaluation- Synergita is an easy-to-use project management platform for companies and individuals. There are many features on Synergita that you will find helpful, but we would like to highlight a few of our favorites. For example, when working in Scrum or Kanban mode, Synergita allows you to keep track of deadlines and assign tasks using drag and drop functionality for agile planning or backlog management. Synergita's time tracking features make it easy to identify which hours are billable or non-billable. We think this tool is excellent for many reasons, but the benefits seem limitless! Try it yourself and reduce error rates by utilizing the checkbox system to ensure your data is correct.

Synergita is an app available on

3. Mesh

Mesh is a social performance management platform for today's workforce. Combining the best features of multiple OKR, productivity & performance management tools, Mesh becomes an essential tool for employees to grow in the workplace by keeping them engaged as the daily social network for their work. It helps them to stay on top of all that's being achieved and clarify how it might be done better next time.

Features of Mesh

  • Review Status Tracking
  • Goal Setting
  • Company Goals and OKRs
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Requesting Feedback
  • Public Praise
  • 1-On-1 Meetings

Benefits of Mesh

  • Goals and OKR Tools- Mesh is a fast and simple tool for creating objectives based on real-time progress instead of procedure compliance. It's easy to see how your work progresses overall, by level, department, or individual members. Management holds regular meetings to show corporate and team progress openly, while team members measure their individual goals against what's important to the company overall. Monitoring how everyone is doing makes it easier to provide guidance and make adjustments at the team level or within individuals to ensure everyone is working towards goals in real-time.
  • Accurate and Engaging Performance Review- Mesh allows a fully automated performance management process as a base. Your valued colleagues can leave feedback on each other, which will help make better informed and objective performance decisions. Thanks to the pre-populated appraisal forms based on consistently accurate data gathered throughout the year, you can save time using Mesh. The system also makes decision-making easier thanks to the crowdsourced data it collects from your employees, helping lower manager bias and improving the overall company culture.
  • Effective Manager One-On-One: You can set company-wide frequency parameters for 1:1 sessions with your partner. These settings let you and your partner reschedule dynamically should you find yourself unavailable during the previously scheduled time slot. A tool is used for customizing points that help one drive forward a consistent coaching conversation during every meeting. Add to this the ability to add meeting minutes and action items asynchronously that update each involved member's system – allowing both of you to build on topics discussed in past discussions. Such tools ease the process of embedding one-on-ones into routine company processes.

Mesh is an app available on

4. Perdoo

Perdoo is the latest trend in the fields of goal setting and organization. Made by Leanstack, a company that has established itself as one of the leaders in connecting goals to strategy through their apps, Perdoo allows you to visualize your strategy and OKRs or objective key result. This software feature helps you keep track of all priorities that help your team achieve results. You can start at by entering your details to receive an immediate access code to this revolutionary program.

Features of Perdoo

  • Strategy Map
  • Vision Statement
  • Collaboration
  • Goals
  • Progress Tracking
  • KPIs
  • OKRs
  • Feedback
  • Messaging Integrations
  • Confidence Levels
  • Onboarding
  • Team OKR

Benefits of Using Perdoo

  • Perdoo is based on three pillars of excellence: the Objectives & Key Results method, software engineering, and coaching. The OKR methodology is supported by an online dashboard that makes it easy to communicate company goals measurably. The software facilitates the creation of team-level or division-level OKRs through wizards that not only support users but also check for mistakes. Quality assurance measures are built in to ensure pertinent data is entered accurately. They provide individual and group support and track progress in easily accessible graphs and reports.
  • The platform provides users and management help to understand better how an organization is performing towards the defined goals. Optical modules such as Maps help connect OKRs to ultimate organizational goals, understanding why each objective is there and bits of information on each objective's specific contribution/attempt at achieving the overall purpose and what it will potentially do for the future of the company. The Insights module shows important metrics and stats, allowing us to get a more detailed snapshot of what is going on with attempting to create progress towards attaining said goals, which helps make decisions much quicker since they are highly detailed reports.
  • The platform provides a layer of activity tracking, allowing businesses to measure their progress towards achieving specific goals and connect their efforts with the outcomes that result from those efforts. By having both tools for collecting data and reporting on it, users can easily share progress made and connect with others in their organization through Slack integration. This means that even if initiatives are not moving far enough or fast enough, management can adjust course quickly by seeing where resources need to be shifted to achieve results.

Perdoo is an app available on

5. Jell

Jell is a convenient method for tracking an individual's to-do list. To manage what needs to be done at any given time, Jell provides brick-by-brick instructions on what their users are working on and what they have already accomplished. The platform also allows users to organize whole meetings around the different types of tasks one can jell; for example, we can have a "data jelling" session, where each person shares all of their findings related to figures and graphs before moving on to another topic or discussion in turn.

With Jell, companies can create custom check-ins for their teams to share essential metrics along with the level of progress they are making. In addition, teams can even share long-term goals, keep track of progress made and link their day-to-day activities to achieve prescheduled targets. Also, it allows users to integrate their favorite tools, such as GitHub and Slack, so that users might make meaningful decisions. Moreover, companies can also use Jell Bot to quickly join meetings and get updates about the current status within the team without leaving Slack and conveniently share progress with every member within the group.

Features of Jell

  • Assignment Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Meeting Management
  • Status Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Task Planning
  • Task Progress Tracking
  • Task Scheduling
  • Assignment Management

Jell is an app available on

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