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MailerLite helps you create professional and personalized campaigns on your own with powerful yet easy-to-use marketing tools. Create mobile-responsive newsletters, landing pages and websites with intuitive drag & drop editors and ready-made templates-all without writing code. Grow your list and connect with your audience using advanced features like pop-ups, automations, embedded surveys, and auto resend campaigns. Connect your workflows using Zapier, accept online payments with Stripe, sync

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Almost perfect
Pietro Velleroso

We used Zoho for emailing out to our CRM for a while and got fairly complacent. These guys have some aggressive sales techniques and I caved to give this a shot for one of our smaller magazines.

Let me be clear, the pricing is rough but competitive with most others out there. You could use Amazon SES much more cheaply, but without full-time devs, you are better off paying for this. Beautiful tools and features here, there is alot to like. I'm not quite sure if our open rate is any higher with this compared to Zoho, but overall I'm sticking with it. The interface is just the best.


I have been using it for couple of month for everyday
AKM Borhanich

I found Mailerlite as easy and state forward. Maybe it has some limitations but works really great for me and my clients.
As a small business marketing manager, its free plan is good enough for us.

Email Editing is as simple as dragging and dropping.
Can't send email to more than 2K at a time. SPAM protection?
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