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9LENSES is a business-focused web-based candidate assessment platform. Users can use the dashboard to create and deploy assessment modules, share content with the team, create surveys, collect customer feedback, analyze data and generate insights in real-time. Users can create assessments for skill and competency, performance, and onboarding. Users can also connect data across assessments and avail services that help design and manage the assessments.

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Enterprise <ul> <li>Customized Scorecards, Analytics, and Benchmarking</li> <li>Recommendation Engine</li> <li>Integrations with CRM & Marketing Automation Platforms</li> <li>Role-Based Data Access & Distribution</li> </ul> Custom Other
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  • Enterprise
    <ul> <li>Customized Scorecards, Analytics, and Benchmarking</li> <li>Recommendation Engine</li> <li>Integrations with CRM & Marketing Automation Platforms</li> <li>Role-Based Data Access & Distribution</li> </ul>
AB Tasty
  • Enterprise
    <ul> <li>Experimentation: A/B/n testing, Split URL testing</li> <li>Personalization: Segment builder, Standard targeting(e.g.: referrer, cookie, location, device...)</li> <li>Release Management & Feature Experiments: Feature flags & toggles, User segmentation & targeting</li> <li>Enterprise grade & security features: Multi-factor authentication, Enterprise SSO (SAML, LDAP...)</li> </ul>
  • Building
    <ul> <li>Unlimited Domains</li> <li>No Conversion Limits</li> <li>Customer Success Manager</li> <li>Design Reviews</li> </ul>
  • Converting
    <ul> <li>Global Blocks</li> <li>Global Workspace Scripts</li> <li>1:1 Ad-to-Page Personalization</li> <li>Heatmaps</li> </ul>
  • Basic
    <ul> <li>35 sessions per day</li> <li>365 days data storage</li> <li>Heatmaps - Unlimited</li> <li>Data capture: Automatic & continuous</li> </ul>
  • Plus
    <ul> <li>100 sessions per day</li> <li>Events API: track user actions</li> <li>Filter and segment data</li> <li>Page Targeting - URL and events</li> </ul>
  • Business
    <ul> <li>Sessions per day - Starting from 500</li> <li>Identify API: track custom user attributes</li> <li>Filter by rage clicks</li> <li>Filter by u-turns</li> </ul>
  • Scale
    <ul> <li>Unlimited daily sessions</li> <li>Unlimted responses per month</li> <li>Dedicated customer success manager</li> <li>SAML single sign-on (SSO)</li> </ul>

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