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Cloud accounting solution designed for small businesses.

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Wave is an online, all-in-one integrated financial management tool for small businesses and startups. Wave focuses on small business accounting, invoicing, bookkeeping, payroll, budgeting and report generation. It also has an automatic billing and invoicing feature that saves a lot of time.
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In-Depth Reviewer Comments

Naomi Y.
Affordable tool makes the job easy

Invoicing done right, convenience and smoother process that is what we have achieved using Wave Invoicing feature. Clients don't follow from one tool to another to process invoice payment all is done with Wave only.

How did your team benefit the most?:
Following up with clients to get them process invoice payments used to take so much time, so now with Wave clients automatically receive invoice via mail with one-click payment button and it even follow up with them
One Major Feature That You Benefited From:
We now track every single invoice along with its previous history, and we now remain up to date with new and processed invoices in a very planned manner with almost no hassle.
How difficult is it to get started?:
Quite adaptable we found it, also mostly its the accounts or finance team who use it most time, they have become familiar with its functions. But only with its desktop site.
One thing or feature you would improve:
As mentioned above, its mobile application could benefit if they redo its layout and make it smoother.
Size of your organization:
Position or Role:
Sales Head
Why You Signed Up:
Because we wanted to speed up invoice operation with our clients

Noah W.
Modern accounting for modern companies

Most of our manual bookkeeping and details entering is now automated which saves time, same with tax filing, we have largely automated our accounts operations with this software.

How did your team benefit the most?:
Now it is all online, so we are able to track every single expense be it contracts, taxes, invoices, employee's salary all of it has become very convenient to maintain.
One Major Feature That You Benefited From:
It is easy to issue employee pay with just one click approve, and their payroll will proceed. Another thing that impressed me was its personal advisor, who assisted us in getting started.
How difficult is it to get started?:
So not difficult it's a clean software with a clean interface that helps navigate through the platform smoothly. Even for our employees, they seem to have no problem using Wave.
One thing or feature you would improve:
Being in the US I have the privilege to use its in-built banking feature, unfortunately, it is only available for the US so for those outside it's not possible to use.
Size of your organization:
Position or Role:
Senior Product Manager
Why You Signed Up:
To bring some structure into our accounting process

Jean Y.
Worthy accounting tool for medium business

Running a medium-scale business, having Wave helped us greatly. Now it has become convenient for us to commission employees' payroll and other expense invoices. So now I'm able to do all this with less stress, and our accounting process got automated.

How did your team benefit the most?:
The first thing we noticed was how efficient our overall accounting got, being able to track each and every expense is great because we no longer need to do it manually.
One Major Feature That You Benefited From:
We onboarded a Wave Advisor who assisted us in establishing our accounting, tax, and booking process and also helped us with the software and its functionalities.
How difficult is it to get started?:
Honestly, its UI is very simple to understand, creating and pushing forward invoices is straightforward and with the help of its resources, we learned most of its functions and how to implement them.
One thing or feature you would improve:
Not every US state is supported for its tax servicing features. It shows they'll add more, so let's see.
Size of your organization:
Position or Role:
Why You Signed Up:
To manage organization level accounting

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Accounting <ul> <li>Unlimited income and expense tracking</li> <li>Track sales tax on income and expenses</li> <li>Add unlimited partners, collaborators or accountants</li> <li>Fully functional double entry system. Generate financial statements for year-end</li> </ul> 0.00 Other
This app has yearly payment discounts available.

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Independent Reviewer Comments

Simplicity at it's best
Walerian Bronisław

Love the simplicity of this app.


Good for start-ups
Robert Mstislav

I started my business a few months ago and on a recommendation from a friend started using Wave over QuickBooks. Very satisfied with the decision. Great customer service.

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  • Accounting
    <ul> <li>Unlimited income and expense tracking</li> <li>Track sales tax on income and expenses</li> <li>Add unlimited partners, collaborators or accountants</li> <li>Fully functional double entry system. Generate financial statements for year-end</li> </ul>
  • Free Self-Service
    <ul> <li>Low payment processing fees</li> <li>Manage income and expenses</li> <li>Generate your Profit and Loss</li> <li>Send invoices and quotes</li> </ul>
  • Sunrise Plus
    <ul> <li>Send custom invoices and quotes</li> <li>Cash flow insights and alerts</li> <li>Auto-categorize expenses</li> <li>Payment integrations with - stripe, square, paypal</li> </ul>
  • Entrepreneur
    <ul> <li>1 User Only</li> <li>Unlimited Transactions</li> <li>U.S. Based Customer-Service</li> </ul>
  • Small Business
    <ul> <li>Includes 2 Users </li> <li>$10 for Each Additional User</li> </ul>
  • Enterprise
    <ul> <li>30+ Users</li> <li>Priority Support </li> <li>Custom Features </li> <li>Dedicated Account Rep</li> </ul>
  • Lite
    <ul> <li>Up to 1 User</li> <li>1000 SKU's</li> <li>200 Orders / Month</li> <li>1 eCommerce Integration</li> </ul>
  • Accelerator
    <ul> <li>Up to 3 User</li> <li>5000 SKU's</li> <li>2000 Orders / Month</li> <li>3 eCommerce Integrations</li> </ul>
  • High Growth
    <ul> <li>Up to 8 User</li> <li>Unlimited SKU's</li> <li>5000 Orders / Month</li> <li>Unlimited eCommerce Integrations</li> </ul>

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