Kloudless vs. Appian Comparison Software and Pricing

Kloudless and Appian are two applications that can be used similarly but have many distinguishing features. Appian is used to help businesses transform their workflow by creating custom applications. Kloudless is a storage API (application programming interface) that allows users to add file and storage functionality to their apps. Both enable businesses to improve workflows and their use of applications.
For business owners, either Appian or Kloudless may present a solution to issues in efficiency. Both allow users to monitor processes, create workflows, and help your business run more efficiently. However, some significant differences exist, particularly pricing, utility, ease of use, and functionality. Learn more about how Kloudless and Appian differ and see which is the best fit for your business.

Kloudless, despite its name, is a cloud storage API that allows multiple cloud storage applications to be built into your application with only one code. It features a developer dashboard that enables you to connect your application to other cloud storage solutions (including Google Drive, Dropbox, and more).
Other capabilities include the options for authorization, account management, and authentication. Kloudless also offers a free trial to first-time users.

Appian aims to help businesses develop customized apps to transform and improve their workflow. It uses minimal code to allow users to easily create applications (or transform old ones) for businesses of any size. Appian allows you to manage and automate any processes within your business, featuring many BPM tools and the ability to monitor processes, assign tasks, and more.
One of the primary features of Appian is their 3-step quick app development. Users need to name their app, configure it to their needs, and then share it with their employees.

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Not rated

Cloud Based IntegrationPlatform

<ul> <li>Easy-to-use, unified endpoints</li> <li>Augmented feature set</li> <li>Zero API maintenance</li> </ul>

Kloudless abstracts away API differences without sacrificing functionality, giving developers a simple, uniform interface to integrate native integrations into their apps. Once you've written code for their Unified APIs, you may reuse it for any service in that category. Kloudless supports over 100 different software connectors, including cloud storage, CRM, Calendar, Email, Chat, Accounting, ERP, Messaging, ITSM, and more.

Customer Rating:

Enterprise app and workflow building solution

<ul> <li>Dive in and start building apps.</li> <li>Users - 15</li> <li>Support - Appian online community</li> <li>Get full access to the Appian platform with a guided learning experience.</li> </ul>
<ul> <li>For a department or specific use case.</li> <li>Pricing per user with minimum 100 users, no maximum</li> <li>Multiple user types available.</li> <li>Support -Standard (12x5), Advanced (24x7), Enterprise(all-encompassing)</li> </ul>
<ul> <li>For enterprise-wide deployments.</li> <li>Best for automating end-to-end processes across a company</li> <li>Best for deploying many apps to many users</li> </ul>
<ul> <li>For unlimited development.</li> <li>Unlimited users</li> <li>Best for building unlimited apps or replatforming onto Appian</li> <li>Get the lowest TCO with unlimited apps and users with a predictable investment</li> </ul>

Appian provides a leading low-code automation software development platform that enables organizations to rapidly develop powerful and unique applications. Appian boasts of industry-leading business process management, data management, collaboration, case management, native mobility and lots of other advanced features. It lets you create your application in three quick steps and also lets you integrate your app with the other platforms.

Both of these applications offer temporary free trials to their customers. Kloudless and Appian both have several useful features; it simply comes down to utility and your needs.
Kloudless is designed to integrate cloud storage software into your application. Connecting major cloud storage software (such as Box, DropBox, or Google Drive) to your application can greatly improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary confusion. On the other hand, Appian allows users to easily create their applications in only three steps.
Appian may be a good fit for businesses looking to create a new application. Alternatively, if you are experiencing inefficiencies due to a lack of cloud storage capabilities (or easy access) on your current application, Kloudless can streamline processes.

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