10 Farm and LiveStock technologies and automation

Farm technology is changing rapidly, with new apps and devices being released yearly. Farmers use these tools to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits. Some popular technologies include GPS tracking, yield analysis, and climate control.

We love farmers and their resourcefulness, which is why this issue covers farm and livestock tech. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize agriculture, helping feed the planet and make farming more efficient. From using artificial intelligence as a farmhand to getting animals to do what you want with a nudge, we will be covering everything from precision agriculture and farm management to livestock monitoring, disease control, artificial intelligence, and more.

Let's see this billion- industry revolutionize itself.

1. Agri Webb

Agri Webb is driven to improve management efficiency by data-driven and proper decision-making innovative facilities mainly focused on the livestock industry. It is a game-changer for the livestock industry, and the founders are hell-bent on this transformation. The system includes tools like record keeping, pasture management, and livestock.

The founding story extracts the root of the farming and livestock industry. They treat farmers as their heroes and emphasize that farming is a profession of Hope and giving the ability to the society.
Backed up by several partners and the farming community, Kevin Baum and John Fargher

AgriWebb is an app available on Insiderapps.com

2. Agricola

Agricola is a new farming app that connects livestock farmers with their smartphones, making it easier to streamline and track daily activities. It also helps users manage barn chores and other tasks like ordering supplies.

"From inside the barn, you'll be able to do everything from checking out live camera feeds of your pastures to ordering more feed for your animals," says Agrifac CEO and founder Greg Jones. "You can get live weather and crop reports and even check out satellite maps for better crop assessment."

The app is currently available for Android, with an iOS version coming soon.

3. CropX

CropX is a new app that helps farmers track the health of their crops and soil in real-time. The app uses sensors to collect data about moisture levels, temperature, and sunlight exposure. This information is then used to create a digital profile for each field, which farmers can use to make more informed decisions about irrigation, planting, and crop care.

"We're taking the guesswork out of farming," says CropX CEO Arye Kristal. "By giving farmers data-driven insights, they can make more informed decisions that save time, money, and water."

The app is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

There are three main components to the CropX platform. The app provides data and analytics and is accessible on iOS and Android devices.

The CropX Sensor Network comprises more than 30,000 sensors installed on farms across the U.S. and Canada. Each sensor captures a variety of metrics about individual fields, including soil moisture percentage, soil temperature, air temperature, wind speed, and sunlight exposure.

CropX also collaborates with other technology companies that use their sensors to provide additional data. For example, climate data from WeatherFlow can be used to predict how changing weather conditions will affect crop yields. All this information is then used by the CropX platform to generate digital profiles for each field — something that previously would have taken weeks or months to compile manually.

Well, stating some facts

Agriculture is a $3 trillion industry worldwide. By helping farmers become more efficient and productive (and reducing the amount of water they waste), Kristal says his company is going after a huge market opportunity. "It's estimated that $50 billion worth of crops are lost yearly due to inefficient watering practices," he says.

4. Farmlogs

FarmLogs is a cloud-based app that stores all your data in the cloud. This means you can access your reports from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection — no matter where you are.

If you're using a tablet or smartphone to view information, FarmLogs will even recommend the best-sized screen for viewing your reports based on your size. For example, if you have a 7-inch tablet, FarmLogs will recommend viewing in "tablet" mode, but if you have a 10-inch tablet, it will recommend viewing in a "desktop" way.

FarmLogs gives farmers more flexibility than ever to view their data whenever and wherever they want. So they can make better decisions about what crops to plant next year and how much fertilizer to apply.

5. My Dairy

My Dairy is a farm management tool that helps dairy farmers track the health of their cows and improve herd management practices.

MyDairy allows users to track important metrics like milk production, reproductive status, feed intake, and weight gain, as well as share information with veterinarians and other experts so they can get the best advice possible for caring for their cows.

My Dairy is a mobile app on iOS devices, with an Android app in private beta testing.

6. Weather Tech

WeatherTech is a new app that provides farmers with real-time weather data, forecast reports, and alerts for severe weather events. The app also includes an interactive map showing nearby farms' locations, so farmers can easily find the information they need.

WeatherTech is a first-of-its-kind mobile application designed to make it easier for farmers to access critical weather information that impacts their businesses.

The WeatherTech app makes it simple for farmers to access local and five-day forecasts and historical temperature data dating back five years in their area. WeatherTech makes it easier for farmers to protect their crops from extreme weather conditions or sudden temperature changes.

The app includes an interactive map feature displaying the location of nearby farms and humidity, wind speed, and precipitation data at each farm's location.
In addition to helping farmers protect their crops, the WeatherTech app also helps them save time by making it easy to view all the relevant information they need in one place—the palm of their hands!

Farm technology is changing rapidly. Farm technology is evolving rapidly, with new apps and devices being released yearly. Farmers use these tools to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits. Some popular technologies include GPS tracking, yield analysis, and climate control.

7. Agro Spheres

AgroSpheres is a new app that uses satellite imagery to help farmers improve crop yields. The app provides high-resolution images of fields that can be used to assess crop health, identify problem areas, and develop more efficient irrigation plans. It also offers tools for things like planting schedules and fertilizer applications.

The farm industry is worth 3 trillion dollars. The industry is a vital part of the U.S. economy, with a total of $3 trillion. The sector employs more than 24 million people and contributes to various industries, including food production. The farm industry is a significant export of goods, such as soybeans.

8. GoGetter

GoGetter is a peer-to-peer equipment rental marketplace that connects participants and provides the platform, insurance, and logistical support to facilitate the rental process. The difference between GoGetter and other rental platforms is that we focus on one segment of the market -- farmers, and we work with farmers directly to help them earn extra income by renting out their equipment.

GoGetter is the only equipment rental marketplace that pays you to rent your equipment, like homeowners looking for lawn mowers, snow blowers, and chainsaws for their weekend projects.

9. Farm IQ

FarmIQ offers a variety of features designed to give farmers the data they need at their fingertips. The app tracks everything from feed consumption, to fertilizer applications, to weight gain and milk production.

Here is the highlight

Farmers can use GPS tracking to see the location of all their animals in real-time and set up alerts when something happens. With activity monitoring, farmers can track factors like how much an animal is eating or whether it's showing any signs of illness. They can also receive instant notifications if a machine stops working or if there's an emergency on the farm.

This is also for people who are non-tech savvy and wouldn't like another tech addition in their busy lives. We will tell you how!

Farmers often have trouble keeping track of their finances and spreadsheets, but FarmIQ has a solution too! Users can track expenses by category and get a breakdown of each expenditure from the past month. In addition, they can analyze their business performance with charts and graphs that show them exactly where they stand financially. With FarmIQ, farmers can keep all their information organized, accessible, and secure in one convenient place — all from their mobile devices — so they spend less time worrying about paperwork and more time making important decisions that will improve their business.

So it is indeed a win for all.

Drumrolls, please… ta-da!
In the last one, you will see how all of these fulfill every farmer's needs.

10. Tule Technologies

We can say with assurance that this is a visionary solution until we see each detail of how we can get the work off the farmer's list. But here is something that makes farming a hopeful profession.

Yes, you guessed it right, we will talk about water and irrigation. The one thing which is not in control is this. Irrigation can be facilitated in various ways, but rainfall is always hopeful in the eyes of a farmer.

Tule technologies allow you to take care of your crop Waterwise!

So basically,

Tule Technologies is a water management company that uses environmentally-friendly practices to deliver water solutions for agriculture, industry, and municipalities.
Products are designed to save water while providing crops with the necessary irrigation and pressure.

The wonders of Tule tech

A system that uses sensors to measure soil moisture content automatically adjusts the amount of water delivered to plants based on need. This reduces watering waste and ensures plants have access to excellent water.

A mobile app that helps farmers track their irrigation systems in real-time, ensuring everything is running smoothly and making changes if needed.

A service delivers pressurized water to farms through a network of pipes, eliminating the need for pumps and reducing energy use.


We know this article was heavily loaded with information. But suppose you are a farmer or thinking of stepping foot in the agricultural or livestock industry. In that case, we recommend you closely follow the information to stay informed about your steps.

There are a bazillion things about agriculture that we hold no control or information about, but we must be careful about what we can manage.

These practical solutions via programs, apps, etc., have proved that we won't let the farmers sink into the hopelessness of the low-privileged and poorly equipped state.
We discussed the importance of the technologies and provided insights from the companies and companies behind them from our vantage point. We'll also explore practical ways forward for the technologies we think should consider and where we see them going.

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