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Quick eSelling is a readymade ecommerce solution that provides website, mobile and tablet applications. It comes with a powerful backend and all standard ecommerce features. It is a smart ecommerce platform to connect manufacturers, wholesalers, & retailers with their customers through its flexible eCommerce platform saving valuable time, money while increasing sales. It comes with free hosting, free domain, & many other benefits.

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Free <ul> <li>Stunning Design</li> <li>Fully Managed & Hosted</li> <li>Intuitive Backend</li> <li>Customizable Front-End</li> </ul> 0.00 Other
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  • Free
    <ul> <li>Stunning Design</li> <li>Fully Managed & Hosted</li> <li>Intuitive Backend</li> <li>Customizable Front-End</li> </ul>
  • Team
    <ul> <li>Workflow Automations </li> <li>Data and app integration</li> <li>Mobile-ready applications </li> <li>Flexible licensing option</li> </ul>
  • Business
    <ul> <li>All Team Features </li> <li>Integrate with IAM systems </li> <li>Audit logs </li> <li>Mobile offline</li> </ul>
  • Enterprise
    <ul> <li>Enterprise plans are custom-built to suit your needs.</li> <li>Flexible licensing option </li> <li>On-premises connectivity</li> </ul>
Cognito Forms
  • Individual
    <ul> <li>Data Collection: File Uploads, Multi-Page Forms, Rating Scales, Repeating Sections</li> <li>Logic & Automation: Calculations, Conditional Logic, Notifications, Quantity Limits</li> <li>Data Management: Exporting</li> <li>Online Payment: Stripe Payments</li> </ul>
  • Pro
    <ul> <li>Pricing per user</li> <li>Inbound API calls: 2000/day</li> <li>Data Collection: Electronic Signatures, Save & Resume, Table Field</li> <li>Data Management: Entry Sharing, Form Folders, Importing, Saved Entry Views</li> </ul>
  • Team
    <ul> <li>Inbound API calls: 10,000/day</li> <li>Logic & Automation: Lookup Field, Verified Email Domains</li> <li>Security & Compliance: Data Encryption</li> <li>Online Payment: Card on File, PayPal Payments, Square Payments</li> </ul>
  • Enterprise
    <ul> <li>Inbound API calls: 50,000/day</li> <li>Security & Compliance: Folder Permissions, HIPAA Compliance, Require Two-Factor Authentication</li> </ul>
  • Free
    <ul> <li>Core collection and visualization features</li> </ul>
  • Pro
    <ul> <li>Centralize your monitoring of systems, services, and serverless functions</li> </ul>
  • Enterprise
    <ul> <li>Advanced features and administrative controls</li> </ul>

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