CallRail and SalesTrail App Comparisons and Pricing

Choosing the right sales tool that can make your organization thrive. As you explore CallRail vs. Salestrail, remember your specific needs and how the program can support your brand's goals.

CallRail typically helps you to track and manage your phone leads. This service is essential because it allows organizations ascertain the marketing campaigns that facilitate quality leads. It is designed to provide accurate data conversion and metrics central to all marketing professionals.
CallRail features include:

  • Quick installation
  • Minimizes the response time and reduces the rate of conversions
  • Designed to contain the ability to record calls

Helps business to track the lead source of calls and enhances accountability in the telecommunication industry
Helps the organization determine calls from a specified part of the Google Ads campaign
You can integrate the usage of CallRail to suit several industries. The integration is mainly done with other applications through which the performance of your entity is enhanced. For instance, CallRail can be integrated with HubSpot to sync your leads, automatically creating your new contact. It can also integrate with Salesforce to enable immediate notifications as new leads develop.
Other programs you can integrate your CallRail include:

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Pabbly
  • Microsoft teams
  • Zappier
  • Google Adwords, Analytics, Calendar

Salestrail is a smartphone application that keeps track of SIM phone calls. The application automatically logs the SIM phone calls to Salesforce, the analytics dashboard, or your Customer Relationship Management software.
Salestrail features include:

  • 100% automatic
  • Tracks the calls that are made and the duration of each call
  • Measure the salesperson's performance

Salestrail offers services that make it more beneficial when compared to CallRail. For instance, tracking regular cell calls to a cloud-based dashboard is a vital program usage. In terms of pricing, this method is the least expensive and therefore has a broader range of access.
Its usefulness further increases due to the following benefits:

  • Provides excellent call quality
  • Enables you to keep your initial phone number
  • It does not involve technical implementations
  • Integration with programs such as Gmail, Microsoft 365, and salesforce sales cloud
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Not rated

Call tracking and marketing analytics platform

Call Tracking
<ul> <li>Find out which ads, keywords, and marketing efforts inspired your best leads to call.</li> </ul>
Conversation Analytics
<ul> <li>Add Conversation Intelligence to help qualify more contacts and improve service.</li> </ul>
Marketing Analytics
<ul> <li>Add Form Tracking to view website form submissions and call analytics side by side.</li> </ul>
Analytics Suite
<ul> <li>Combine all our analytics tools to automate customer insights and prove marketing ROI</li> </ul>

CallRail is a call tracking and marketing analytics platform designed for those who rely on quality calls and inbound leads to measure success. CallRail is here to bring complete visibility to the marketers who rely on quality inbound leads to boost success and sustain growth. Its marketing analytics and business communications software delivers real-time insights that help customers market with confidence.

Customer Rating:
Not rated

Call tracking tool for mobile calls

Add Call recording both sides
<ul> <li>Include usage charges</li> <li>Number masking</li> <li>Record the full conversation</li> </ul>
Add Call recording one side
<ul> <li>Possibility to record calls on Android</li> <li>Cloud-based storage for recordings</li> <li>One side Call Recording</li> </ul>
Add CRM Integration
<ul> <li>Push data to Salesforce, Hubspot, LeadSquared, or any CRM of your choice</li> <li>Push APIs for integration</li> <li>Directly search for CRM records</li> </ul>
Standard tracking SIM / GSM calls
<ul> <li>iOS & Android app to track calls</li> <li>Cloud-based analytics dashboard</li> <li>Easy team and user management</li> <li>CSV exports</li> </ul>

Salestrail is an AI-powered sales platform that guides sales teams to build a better sales pipeline and close more deals. Salestrail drives activity, captures interactions automatically in Salesforce and encourages planning. The solution consists of an analytics dashboard and a smartphone app that automatically captures calls. Choose to track the data to the Salestrail analytics dashboard, to Salesforce or to any other system through APIs.

You can further single out the program that best suits your business requirements by assessing features that makes them stand out from each other.
For example, here are the attributes that make CallRail stand out from Salestrail:
1. Call tracking and analytics
2. Dynamic number insertion
3. Keyword supporting technology
4. Lead scoring
5. Phone call recording
6. Online form and offline call tracking
On the other hand, Salestrail also has specified features that are the basis of its uniqueness from a CallRail. These features may include:
1. The system supports the web, android, and iPhone operating systems
2. Supports training sessions through webinars and documentation
3. Broader knowledge base
Selecting a program to aid your business practices is a win regardless of which program you choose.

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