Recorded Future vs. Tanium Apps: In-Depth Comparison

Protecting your propriety information is just as vital as protecting your customers. You need more than a simple password to keep your business safe and operational. As an option, you can rely on Recorded Future or Tanium to protect your brand from security threats.

Recorded Future offers the most trusted intelligence for enterprise security. This security system is helpful, especially when it combines persistent and pervasive data gathering and analytics with human analysis. The most critical use case of the Recorded Future involves its ability to integrate into businesses seamlessly.
Recorded Future is useful in the following ways:

  • It offers immediate, precise, and usable intelligence.
  • It offers entities with appropriate visibility that could help identify and detect threats. This practice allows the organizations to take proactive measures to guarantee security to the people, assets, and businesses.
  • It minimizes superior security intelligence that causes disruptions to adversaries at scale.
  • It is a valuable tool in uniting an unrivaled variety of open source, technical sources, dark web, and original research.

Recorded Future does not support a free version but offers free trials as a pricing strategy to its potential customers.

Tanium is a private security intelligence that empowers the world's most prominent organizations to manage and protect their mission-critical networks. The usefulness of Tanium is wide ranged, but some of the primary uses include:

  • The intelligence security helps collect new ad-hoc data with minimal time, which helps potential and existing customers establish capabilities on the platform.
  • The program encourages the decision-making process because of its capabilities of generating data: the endpoint itself.

Tanium does not support the free version or provide a free trial as a pricing strategy.

Recorded Future
Customer Rating:
Not rated

Intelligence and Security Platform

<ul> <li>A single intelligence platform for the enterprise</li> <li>Built for action</li> <li>Real-time context</li> </ul>

Recorded Future tracks the world’s threats over the decade so that enterprises can ensure their security. They conduct multiple live webinars on issues surrounding intelligence and security, provide real-time context and can be integrated with most SIEM and SOAR providers. They provide analysts on demand, service and support, professional services and ways to mitigate risks against ransomware.

Customer Rating:
Not rated

Security and Systems Management Platform

<ul> <li>Asset Discovery & Inventory: Track down every IT asset you own instantaneously</li> <li>Client Management: Automate operations from discovery to management</li> <li>Risk & Compliance Management: Find and fix vulnerabilities at scale in seconds</li> <li>Sensitive Data Monitoring: Index and monitor sensitive data globally in seconds</li> </ul>

Tanium is a security and systems management platform which allows its users to collect data in real time and scale their enterprise. The platform tackles contemporary IT challenges. It makes the processes of asset discovery and inventory, client management, risk and compliance management and sensitive data monitoring easier for companies.

If you are looking for security intelligence solutions to better the organization and analysis of threat data, consider the following features for Recorded Future and Tanium.
For example, Recorded Future contains the following unique features:

  • Supports SaaS
  • Helps the enterprise search for security intelligence solutions that better the organization and analysis of data.
  • Offers training through documentation, webinars, and live online.

On the other hand, Tanium also has specific features that support its unique functionality. These include:

  • The program is designed to be used by IT professionals and people that need optimization solutions and efficiency improvement.
  • Supports your business hours
  • Supports the following categories:
  • -Monitoring
    -IT security
    -System monitoring
    -Network security
    -Digital experience

  • Does not support platforms such as SaaS.
  • As you seek a program to protect your company and customer data while also assessing potential threats, Recorded Future and Tanium may be viable options moving forward.

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