10 Highly Rated Landing Page Builders for Shopify

It can be challenging to get people to visit your website. Once you've gained these visitors, you must leave a good first impression by creating the ideal landing page. It would be best if you customized your site visitors' landing pages to execute effective marketing campaigns and maximize your visitors.

Use the proper landing page builder to ensure your pages look highly professional and provide a great user experience.

Shopify is among the most effective eCommerce systems for merchants, particularly those in the Business - to - consumer sector. It provides various tools and established functionalities for creating an online store.

Shopify isn't the magical technology that enables you to easily construct your website from top to bottom, despite what that statement would imply. The selection of themes and templates for page development is somewhat restricted, and the default settings occasionally limit what may be done.

Your chances of being a successful Shopify merchant greatly depend on how effectively your Shopify pages perform. Fortunately, that doesn't mean you have to become a programmer or pay a developer to create attractively designed pages. The Shopify page builder apps make creating everything from beautiful landing pages to practical FAQ sites more straightforward.

Various types of Shopify pages may be easily dragged and dropped using these page builder tools. Additionally, it allows you to access many gorgeous existing templates that would save time and energy. It offers you a tonne of extra tools to make managing data and conversion rates on your store pages easier.

Are you among the busy entrepreneurs who don't have time to research the best landing page apps? Don't worry. We have created a list of the best landing page builder apps for you. So let's have a look at them.

1. Unbounce

Unbounce is among the most well-liked landing page builders available today and is the initial transformation intelligence platform designed specifically for small and midsize enterprises. It combines machine learning with your knowledge and experience to enhance conversions and sales in digital advertising campaigns. It enables businesses to develop more quickly and intelligently by providing pre-optimized pages, captivating copywriting, and campaign management at the flick of a switch.


1. AB Testing
2. API
3. CRM
4. Campaign Management
5. Conversion Rate Optimization
6. Customizable Branding
7. Customizable Templates
8. Drag & Drop

1. Has several customizable, simple-to-use templates.
2. Focus on its security features
3. Testing and comparing landing pages is simple.
4. Total control over the design with the pixel-perfect builder

1. Expensive
2. Not advisable to build websites
3. The learning curve is somewhat steep


1. Free Plan: 14-day free trial that you can cancel anytime.
2. Launch Plan: $81/month
3. Optimize Plan: $122/month
4. Accelerate Plan: $203/month
5. Smart Copy Starter Plan: Free
6. Smart Copy Growth Plan: $25/month

Unbounce is an app available on Insiderapps.com

2. Instapage

The most cutting-edge landing page platform globally, Instapage makes it simple to develop conversion-optimized landing pages in a matter of minutes, assisting digital advertisers in producing more relevant and robust advertising.

By building, customizing, and optimizing landing pages at large, dynamically tying advertisements to pertinent post-click sites, and providing insights, marketers can use Instapage to maximize conversions and achieve the best growth possible from their digital ad campaigns.


1. Account Based Marketing
2. Activity Dashboard
3. Alerts/Notifications
4. Audience Targeting
5. Behavior Analytics
6. Behavioral Analytics
7. Behavioral Targeting
8. CRM
9. Campaign Analytics
10. Campaign Management


1. A good selection of attractive landing page templates.
2. Easy to use.
3. Enough publishing options.
4. Many reporting statistics and tools to aid with page optimization.
5. Mobile-friendly

1. Fewer page plugins compared to WordPress page builders with premium features
2. eCommerce options are somewhat more limited.
3. Expensive

1. Free Plan: 14 days free trial
2. Standard Plan: $199/month

Instapage is an app available on Insiderapps.com

3. Leadpages

The Leadpages transformation software platform gives you control over marketing once again. Leadpages is suitable for you if you're an entrepreneur or business owner who focuses entirely on generating leads, such as a trainer, expert, service provider, or other professional.

With a simple drag-and-drop builder, you can quickly design complete marketing websites, landing pages for advertising campaigns, and more, utilizing templates with a high conversion rate that are already mobile-friendly.


1. Responsive
2. Conversion Tracking
3. Design Management
4. Reporting/Analytics
5. Website Integration
6. Drag & Drop
7. Website Management
8. Activity Tracking
9. Widgets
10. eCommerce Management


1. Ease of use
2. Responsive,
3. Time efficient
4. Affordable


1. Making significant modifications to the design or user experience is challenging.
2. Spacing is difficult to manage.


1. Free Plan: Get 3 months free when you pay annually
2. Standard Plan: $49/month, $37/month if paid annually
3. Pro Plan: $99/month, $74/month if paid annually
4. Advanced Plan: $399/month, $299/month if paid annually

Leadpages is an app available on Insiderapps.com

4. Landingi

With the help of landing pages, popups, and funnels, clients can build, launch, integrate, optimize, and manage marketing campaigns from start to finish. Landingi is a commonplace marketing platform, and users of the platform can modify and improve landing pages using a drag-and-drop landing page builder without any coding knowledge.


1. SEO Management
2. Reporting & Statistics
3. Drag & Drop
4. Alerts/Notifications
5. Conversion Tracking
6. Customizable Forms
7. Email Management
8. Real-Time Editing
9 Publishing Options


1. Intuitive
2. Easy to use.
3. Affordable pricing
4. Great support.


1. No module building
2. Loading speed is slow


1. Core Plan: $35/month
2. Create Plan: $79/month
3. Automate Plan: $109/month
4. Agency Plan: $129/month

Landingi is an app available on Insiderapps.com

5. Beaver Builder

One of the oldest website builders for WordPress is called Beaver Builder. You can quickly build beautiful designs using its visual drag-and-drop interface without writing a single code word.
Generally, Beaver Builder emphasizes making a solid UI and nailing the essential page builder functions. From a performance standpoint, it's also one of the lightest page builders concerning efficiency.


1. Maximum performance using lightweight and semantic markup.
2. Mobile-friendly
3. Responsive layouts.
4. Beautiful premade layout templates.
5. Build your custom modules.

1. Lightweight and performance-friendly.
2. Stable
3. Focused and efficient
4. Customizable interface layout.


1. No popup builder.
2. Limited options and some old templates
3. No right-click support in the interface
4. Only offers header/footer compatibility with a limited selection of themes.


1. Standard Plan: $99 per year
2. Pro Plan: $199 per year
3. Agency Plan: $399 per year
4. Ultimate Plan: $546 per year

Beaver Builder is an app available on Insiderapps.com

6. Woorise

In addition to landing pages and interesting forms like quizzes and surveys, Woorise is a revenue-generating and advertising tool that enables users to create popular prizes and competitions. Small businesses can use it to connect with their target markets, get leads, and close deals. For businesses, organizations, and eCommerce companies trying to increase quick connection and engagement in their products, it's a great tool.


1. E-Commerce Integration
2. Notifications
3. Embedded Forms
4. Domain Integration
5. Survey Builder
6. Branding
7. Reporting & Analytics
8. Data Exporting


1. User-friendly interface
2. Good for viral giveaways
3. Customizable


1. Takes time to get used to it
2. Expensive
3. Accepts a limited number of entries
4. No good backup service


1. Free Plan: $0 per month
2. Basic Plan: $29 /month.
3. Grow Plan: $49/month
4. Pro Plan: $99 /month.

Woorise is an app available on Insiderapps.com

7. Site123

To create SEO-friendly landing pages and multinational websites, users can use the free website builder SITE123. It has an admin panel that lets users make various groups, give staff access privileges, and access earlier client emails on a single platform.


1. Auto Update
2. Cataloging/Categorization
3. Data Security
4. Electronic Payments
5. Email Marketing
6. File Sharing
7. Inventory Tracking
8. Kitting
9. Multi-Language
10. Newsletter Management
11. Search/Filter
12. Shipping Management
13. Shopping Cart


1. Multilingual
2. Free plan
3. Ease of use


1. Advertisements
2. Limited customization options
3. Limited layouts


1. Free Plan: $0 per month
2. Premium Plan: $5.80 per month

Site123 is an app available on Insiderapps.com

8. Webnode

Small individuals and companies who require an expertly designed website quickly and without effort may utilize Webnode, a beginner-friendly website builder.
This platform enables you to build a blog, website, online marketplace, and much more using a variety of configurable templates.

You may pick out your preferred design and add your touches to it without any technical knowledge. Simple as selecting the objects you want and dragging and dropping them.


1. Data Import/Export
2. Conversion Tracking
3. Data Security
4. Multi-Currency
5. Order Tracking
6. Promotions Management
7. Publishing Options
8. Text Editing
9. Third-Party Integrations
10. Video Management
11. Website Analytics
12. Template Management
13. Drag & Drop Editor


1. Easy to use and set up.
2. User-friendly Interface
3. Multilingual
4. Backup and restore feature
5. SEO optimized

1. Limited E-commerce Functionality
2. Limited Design Customization
3. Doesn't have an integrated app market
4. Poor Blogging Functionality


1. Free Plan: $0 per month
2. Limited Plan: $3.90 per month
3. Mini Plan: $7.50 per month
4. Standard Plan: $12.90 per month
5. Profi Plan: $22.90 per month

Webnode is an app available on Insiderapps.com

9. Gempages

Shopify stores can create pages using GemPages using drag and drop. It enables you to design pages for various purposes and types that are visually attractive and optimized.

Numerous design components, themes, advertising enhancers, and integrations are all included. It allows access to 45+ templates & 90+ block elements with just a few mouse clicks and is interoperable with either Shopify theme.


1. Data Import/Export
2. Drag & Drop
3. Landing Pages/Web Forms
4. Online Store Builder
5. Pre-built Templates
6. Real-Time Editing
7. SEO Management
8. Survey Builder


1. Drag and drop builder for beginners
2. A large number of conversion-enhancing components
3. The ability to use a custom code editor for functionality
4. Automatically compressing images to speed up loading
5. 30-day money-back guarantee


1. Built-in tracking and analytical reporting features
2. A/B testing is not available in the basic plan


1. Free plan: 10-day free trial
2. Starter Plan: $15/month
3. Business Plan: $29/month
4. Advanced Plan: $47.2/month

10. LayoutHub

The objective of LayoutHub is to make page builders as simple as possible for Shopify shop owners, especially those without coding knowledge or design experience. To create all of the pages in your store, you can choose any layout or block created by UX/UI specialists from their collection. They want to release 30 and 50 new designs each month to offer you additional alternatives.
Although LayoutHub has SEO functions, no data tracking or advertising tools are available for you.


1. Support a variety of designs
2. High-speed page
3. SEO
4. Responsive and cross-platform compatible


1. Lifetime free plan
2. Extensive collection of designs and layouts
3. A user-friendly and straightforward builder


1. Lack of integrations
2. No assistance to stores for testing and development


1. Free Plan: $0/month
2. Basic: $14.99/month
3. Pro: $29.99/month
4. Premium: $59.99/month


You may have to go through multiple trials and errors before choosing the best app because there isn't a perfect software that works with all Shopify stores. We hope you can choose the best page builder that significantly enhances your storefront and helps company growth at your Shopify store from absolutely free to somewhat expensive options.

We're confident you'll choose the most suitable Shopify page builder from the list above. There should be one app that stands out to you and will make your life simpler.

You won't regret your decision, but keep in mind that designing an online store is just one of the crucial factors that will make your Shopify store successful.

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