5 Low-Cost Software for voice and video SDKs

Every possible business communication has turned virtual. As the entire world goes beyond virtual activities, from virtual classrooms to virtual patient-care assistance, remote meetings, and client or customer calls over video calls. These sought-after video and audio calling software for business are experiencing a massive spike in the market.

This has made businesses and enterprises use video conferencing software or video calling SDKs to build a secure environment for their business communication.

Choosing a good video conferencing software for your business would be time-consuming. So that's why we have come up with the world's best conferencing solution SDK provider in the market to help you with your business collaborations.

1. SendBird

SendBird is a wholly processed in-app messaging solution software that inculcates SDK with a front-end interface, backend integration, and robust admin tools. SendBird allows any website or mobile application to enforce chat/messaging features such as one-to-one chat or group messaging in less than five minutes. They sustain cross-platform mobile development for iOS, Android, Web, Unity, .NET, and Xamarin.

SendBird is the ultimate interaction API platform trusted by modern digital apps like Reddit, Delivery Hero, and Hinge to easily embed real-time chat, voice, and video into their apps. Send bird makes real-time interactions available through an easy-to-access API on a fully managed platform.

  • A scalable Chat Room that supports a wide range of chat use cases: SendBird's solutions support 1-on-1 messaging, group messaging, and even large-scale open communities.
  • Multimedia content sharing: With SendBird, one can transform 25 MB of photos, video, voice, or multimedia which can be readily uploaded and transmitted. The platform supports such things as in-chat "emojis" or digital gifts (e.g., music or game items).
  • Real-time data transmission and sync: Real-time data transmission and synchronization using JSON format are also available. This format and synchronization process helps retain messages via audio or video format SDKs.
  • Structure messages: Construct messages with various forms of content. This function enables rich interactions with extended functionalities such as viewing multimedia files, displaying graphs, voting, and sharing calendars.
  • Message delta compression: The platform has message delta compression, enabling you only to transmit the modifications from the previous message to users each time there is an update instead of the real news. It is valid for used cases where there is a significant similarity between successive messages.
  • Edge messaging network with latency-based routing: Latency-based routing ensures that clients are always routed to the nearest data center and point of presence.
  • Multi-region data replication (message durability): Multi-region data replication (storage) protects against single points of failure and ensures message data durability.

SendBird is an app available on Insiderapps.com

2. Pubnub

PubNub is a Realtime Communication Platform that enables users to send data in real-time between devices. PubNub creates a real-time web, mobile, and Internet of Things applications for software and hardware developers.

Messages travel from publisher to subscriber in 801000 milliseconds, regardless of where they originate. PubNub SDKs are available for all programming languages, allowing users to use PubNub right away on their server, smartphone, and web browser. After signing up for free, users will receive live API keys instantly.

It is best suited for Developers and businesses looking to build or upgrade real-time functionality in their applications—Chat, IoT device control, multiplayer gaming, and geolocation tracking, among several other use cases.

PubNub is the answer, providing a complete, robust, and globally scaled network for any real-time use case. PubNub makes it simple to create powerful real-time apps like chat, real-time mapping, live updates, and IoT device control.

Some of its features are as follows:

  • Connectivity: Connectivity is where it all starts. PubNub brings connectivity to any device, anywhere on Earth. A smartphone, a server, a sensor, a smart fridge, or even Internet-connected ambulances.
  • Networking: The PubNub Network opens up secure bidirectional communication channels and connects devices to send and receive data. With 70 SDKs and an extensible platform, PubNub ensures you can click any device to wherever you want, and that's where the power of real-time begins.
  • Data- Stream: Data delivery is more than just sending a message. It's limitless - send a chat message, trigger a wise device command, stream IoT sensor data, swing a virtual sword, and broadcast a notification. The PubNub Data Stream Network delivers on this mission-critical need, empowering you to provide real-time, reliably, and secure data with a 99.999% uptime SLA.
  • Control and Security: PubNub is extensible by design, and with PubNub Functions and Blocks, you can bring in best-in-class services or build your microservices directly into the network. Functions let you enhance the capabilities of your product without the risk of devoting engineering and financial resources to building serverless infrastructure: all computation takes place directly in the network.
  • Extensive Chat Engine: ChatEngine is an open and extensible chat framework for building robust web, mobile, and desktop chat apps that scale. And Project EON lets you quickly deploy dashboards and maps and visualize any real-time data stream.

PubNub is an app available on Insiderapps.com

3. Contus Mirrorfly

CONTUS MirrorFly is a favorably secure and scalable real-time communication solution provider that presents Chat APIs and Messaging SDKs with self-managed and cloud pricing models for companies. Over 150+ chat, voice, and video calling features can effortlessly be incorporated into any existing or pre-built device.

CONTUS MirrorFly is full of enriched features like screen sharing, whiteboard, voice/video conferencing and recording, etc., that meet the needs of any industry despite location and device.

The software has options of fully customizable chat API & SDK built for businesses to integrate a communication solution on Android, iOS, and Web platforms. The answer comes with primary real-time collaboration mediums like chat and voice calling.

CONTUS MirrorFly is full of enriched features like screen sharing, whiteboard, voice/video conferencing and recording, etc., that meet the needs of any industry despite location and device.

Let's look at some of its features to understand this software's purpose and build.

  • Real-Time Chat and Messaging: CONTUS MirrorFly lets the users communicate with the customers via group chat, private chat, screen sharing, etc. Thanks to the SIP Integration, they can also make cross-platform calls with good clarity. It also allows other features like multi-party calls, transfer calls, text-to-speech options, etc.
  • HQ Video and Audio Calls: The representatives can use the video call feature to offer one-on-one video communication in HD quality. Likewise, the users can connect with the customers via audio calls. They can easily share files and images with the customer when needed for hassle-free information sharing. It also offers advanced tools like a whiteboard and picture-in-picture.
  • CRM Integration: CONTUS MirrorFly allows integration of the customer center application with your customer relationship management software. Thus, when a representative gets a call, he can receive detailed information about the caller.
  • Data Management: The platform requires high-end data collection for better call analytics and reporting features. The CONTUS MirrorFly pricing options let you choose different packages with varying storage features. You can also prefer in-built databases or scalable cloud infrastructure to accumulate data. Their LDAP integration will allow you to sync the database with the directory to better access information. A centralized admin panel will enable you to manage the data management via a dashboard in real-time.
  • Omnichannel Communication: The clients can interact with agents on a real-time interactive platform and in-app messaging features. Agents can collaborate with supervisors and administrators to improve productivity.
  • Customization: With CRM integration, the user can get adequate information about the customer to deliver customized service. Further, it is possible to offer personalized dealings via IVR greeting, social media communication, personalized text messages, etc.

Mirrorfly is an app available on Insiderapps.com

4. Spendesk

Spendesk is the complete spend management platform that gives 100% visibility into company spending.

Spendesk offers an all-in-one solution that includes corporate cards, invoice payments, expense reimbursements, budgets, approval, reporting, compliance, and pre-accounting in one simple, scalable solution.

Thousands of businesses trust the platform, from start-ups to established brands. Spendesk is developed to save time and money across the entire spending process with 100% visibility, built-in automation, and a quickly adopted approval process.

Ultimately, businesses that use Spendesk empower every employee to be accountable for the company's financial fitness.

Some of its features are as follows:

  • Ease of Creating Expense Reports: The creation of expense reports takes little time and is intuitive for new users, but with the help of spendest, one can easily create expense reports with just one click.
  • Bank and Credit Integration: With the help of this feature, one can easily pull in receipts from all credit card statements and integrate them with their finance applications without any hassle.
  • Digital Receipt Management: Provides various methods to capture receipts digitally easily and can automatically parse tickets to create expenses report entries. Procedures may include mobile photos, desktop drag, and drop, etc.
  • Invoice Creation and Accounting: The software has a phenomenal ability to create and send printable or electronic invoices. Includes standard invoice style library that can be customized/branded.

Spendesk is an app available on Insiderapps.com

5. Zap ERP

A multi-channel software, ZapERP, is an all-inclusive list management platform. It helps e-commerce organizations manage their order fulfillment, accounting, and inventory through one unified platform.

ZapERP is a package investment as it is a holistic solution that keeps data in sync through a single dashboard. The software guarantees that organizations spend less time on tedious inventory-related tasks and more time on strategic business goals. It has various innovative components that boost productivity and automate repetitious tasks.

ZapERP merges with leading e-commerce portals for secure data sharing and team collaboration. It has an automatic and user-friendly system. Multi-language support and a super responsive customer service team make ZapERP apart from business rivals.

Let's take a look at some of its essential business features.

  • Inventory Control: ZapERP has outstanding inventory management qualities that allow you to handle stock across multiple channels, warehouses, and stores.
  • Warehouse Management: ZapERP is extremely useful in overseeing various inventory items across warehouses. ZapERP simplifies the process of delivering items to clients and fulfilling orders. An intuitive barcode scanning procedure helps track the real-time motion of inventory and enhances visibility.
  • Accounting Integration: ZapERP easily integrates with many accounting integrations to help businesses manage their finances, taxes, and compliances. Users can streamline cash flows by setting single or recurring invoices and connecting with multiple third-party payment gateways.
  • CRM Payments: ZapERP has a simple in-built CRM that enables users to store all customer, vendor, and supplier information. It automatically syncs all customer transactions, such as purchases and returns history. It minimizes payment delays as users can share invoices with a direct link to make payments.
  • Packaging: ZapERP enables users to apply bulk print or use their phone to pick up each customer's order through scanning. It is special software that can help users pinpoint where any item is located in the warehouse. It can seamlessly sort things shelf-wise according to the warehouse and automatically print the packing slips.

ZapERP is an app available on Insiderapps.com

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