5 Modern Apps for Cold Email Marketing

Modern Apps for Cold Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to scale your outreach campaigns. Creating a subscriber list, providing them with updated information at the best time, and grabbing their attention is one of the top priorities of every email marketer.

Cold Emailing puts your email right in the user's inbox, reducing the likelihood of them missing your pitch. This measurable communication tool is essential for cold outreach business growth and keeps people in the loop with your business activities.

Cold Emailing is more complex than most communication types. It is mainly because of the two reasons. You have no personal relationship with your audience, and you also lack non-verbal feedback. Thus, modifying the real-time approach does not work in this.

Having the correct cold emailing tool is essential for business growth. Let us see the top 5 Modern Apps for Email Marketing.


Mailerlite LogoEmail Automation is one of the most influential and valuable features of email marketing campaigns. Mailerlite is one of the top tools for automating your email marketing campaigns. Once you set it up, you are good to go for some time.

Mailerlite is one of the top email marketing software, a market leader for cold emailing outreach. Mailerlite is an affordable email marketing tool that helps create various email marketing campaigns with ease. This software provides more than 60 free complex email templates that ease the work of the email marketer and save time and effort. Thus, making it an effective and efficient cold emailing software in the current market.

One of the other advantages of using Mailerlite is that it provides various mobile-responsive templates that cater to current marketing trends and needs. Thus, by using Mailerlite, the email marketer makes it possible to use less time to optimize it.

Another feature of Mailerlite is that it enables you to personalize the emails with dynamic content blocks. This helps ensure that the email's delivery rate is optimal and reduces the chance of email bouncing.

MailerLite Features

The various features that make the mailer lite a successful software in the market are as follows.

  • Email Campaigns- Through Mailerlite, you can create various email newsletters, send email newsletters or utilize RSS to send the blog feeds directly.
  • Build Websites and Landing pages- Mailerlite also provides services to create various landing pages, opt-in forms, and build websites in addition to the emails.
  • Automate Cold Emails- Another advantage of using Mailerlite is that this software provides services to automate cold emails. You can begin with a simple welcome email to your new subscribers.
  • Subscriber Segmentation- Mailer Lite also helps create the segmentation of your subscriber list to deliver the most relevant messages. This optimizes the delivery rate and reduces the chance of email bouncing.
  • A/B Split Testing- Mailerlite Cold Emailing Software provides a platform for email marketers to split test their various Email Marketing Newsletters and campaigns and determine which delivers the best results.

Pros of Using Mailerlite

  • It is inexpensive Email Marketing Software.
  • It provides a landing page and a website builder.
  • It also provides access to advanced automation tools.
  • It comes with a robust Email editor with great modules for use.

Cons of Using Mailerlite

  • There is no Social Media Marketing Automation.
Mailerlite is an app available on Insiderapps.com


ActiveCampaign LogoActiveCampaign offers almost everything you need to deliver a newsletter to your subscriber's list successfully. This Chicago-based automation tool is helping their 150,000 customer database send fewer emails yet achieve better results.

One of the critical features of ActiveCampaign is its marketing automation. The sales pipeline present in this software allows the marketer to add notes to contacts, set up appointments, send direct messages, and much more. Along with the autoresponders, email marketers can also automate list or contact management. In addition to that, this software also provides its own CRM software.

The 'Conversions' option can send targeted messages straight to the website visitors to optimize the entire customer experience and get in touch with them at various digital touchpoints.

ActiveCampaign Features

  • Marketing Automation- ActiveCampaign has made Marketing Automation its primary focus. Unlike its competitors, ActiveCampaign allows you to automate virtually anything: campaigns, deals, E-Commerce Automation, SMS, Contact Management, etc. Marketing Aotomation is included in all available plans, whereas Sales automation is reserved for premium subscribers only.
  • Automation Templates- The 'recipes' ActiveCampaign automation templates are well put together and easy to edit. There are more than 750 to choose from in various categories.
  • SMS Automation- SMS Automation is included in Plus Plan or higher. The marketers can integrate with several tools such as Clicksend, MessageMedia, or Twilio.
  • ActiveCampaign CRM- Another feature of Active Campaign is a built-in CRM. Small business owners find this feature an added advantage to their email marketing campaigns. One can set up multiple deal pipelines while adding or editing new stages. The drag-and-drop software makes it easy to use and user-friendly.

Pros of Using ActiveCampaign

  • Extremely Powerful Automation- Marketing Automation is not only the critical feature of ActiveCampain but also but it is also very user-friendly. Integrated Engagement lets you combine various channels that can be used with automation.
  • Thorough Reporting- ActiveCampaign offers reporting on all areas such as Click-maps, geo-tracking, and page visits. Purchase tracking is available on higher plans for Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc.
  • Excellent Deliverability- After the various deliverability tests by multiple brands, ActiveCampaign is known as one of the top tools to provide the best deliverability of emails.
  • Free Migrations- Another advantage of using ActiveCampaign is that it allows you to migrate from another email marketing software without any costs.

Cons of using ActiveCampaign

  • No Free Plan- One of the most significant disadvantages of using ActiveCampaign is no free plan available for the users.
  • Charges for Client Preview- The client preview of your emails can be seen through this software, but this feature is paid.
ActiveCampaign is an app available on Insiderapps.com

Email Marketing Gmail


GetResponse LogoThe Polish Based companies' global reach extends to 183 countries engaging over 1 billion subscribers every month. From custom landing pages to advanced automation and reporting features, Get Response is another top performer in the market.

A part of the Conversion Funnel, the landing page feature is exciting as it takes care of lead generation, simplifying the work of the email marketer. Along with that, another worth mentioning part is automation. With the help of advanced automated campaigns, marketers can get information on various triggers or oven locations. There is an option to use the in-built CRM feature on high-tier plans as well.

GetResponse Features

GetResponse offers a good range of pro features. Let us look at the top features.

  • E-Commerce Integration- GetResponse has an advantageous feature of E-Commerce Integration.
  • Platforms like Magento, Prestashop, and Shopify can be directly integrated.
  • Conversion Funnel- Having an entire array of features, it becomes straightforward to build email camping of the whole sales funnel. From creating the landing page to analyzing the best-delivered results and open rate, it can be done on GetResponse.
  • Premade Templates: Like most of its competitors, GetResponse provides a wide selection of premade templates for email marketers.

Pros of Using GetResponse

  • Intelligent List Automation- GetResponse's list automation is much more potent than any of its competitor. It allows you to add a range of conditions to help segment your subscriber list automatically.
  • Design and Spam Testing- GetResponse got this feature right and has made designing and spam testing economical and easy to use for every email marketer.
  • Live Chat- Live Chat is a great addition as its incorporation leads to no lost opportunity in attracting new leads.
  • Social Media Ads Feature- Social Media Integration is possible in GetResponse, and the marketers can monitor various Instagram and Facebook ads through one software.

Cons of Using GetResponse

  • Automations only available in higher-tier plans- One of the most significant disadvantages in today's automated and digitized world is that GetResponse provides the automation only to the higher-tier programs, unlike MailerLite.
GetResponse is an app available on Insiderapps.com

Email Hippo

Email Hippo LogoAnother Email Validation Oblibe Service, Email Hippo, is another Cold Emailing Tool for email marketers. One of its main features is that it becomes easy to clean out the subscriber's list. Email Hippo helps you extract the incorrect email addresses and make the email marketing campings more effective.

Email Hippo can also check DNS, mailbox, syntax errors, disposable email addresses, and various other information that is not required. The collected data is shown in a mobile-compatible dashboard with multiple charts and reports.

Email Hippo Features

  • Email List Management- One of the critical features of Email Hippo, this feature adds, removes, and manages preferences and segments the email contacts based on their engagement.
  • Syntax Check- One of the essential features, Email Hippo, has a syntax check feature that helps ensure that the email addresses are spelled correctly, and the format is accurate.
  • Catch-all server detection- It helps in identifying catch-all or accept-all servers. Thus, enhancing the deliverability rate and reducing the bounce rate.
  • Spam Trap Detection- Email Hippo also helps detect and remove spam traps from various coveted email addresses and improves deliverability.
Email Hippo is an app available on Insiderapps.com


SendPulseSendpulse is another marketing tool for email marketers that provides more than email newsletters. With Sendpulse, you can send emails, newsletters, SMS, and push notifications on the same platforms.

The segmentation of the audience and A/B testing can also be done through this cold emailing software.
Sendpulse, the three-in-one integrated campaign software takes care of all the needs of email marketing needs, SMS, and web push notifications. All of this comes at an affordable price compared to its competitors and is the optimal solution for small and medium businesses.

Features of SendPulse

  • Artificial Intelligence Technology- Individual approach and personalization to every client are necessary to enhance the customer experience. With the help of automation and various other artificial intelligence features, Send Pulse is one of the best cold emailing tools in the market.
  • Drag and Drop Editor- The design of email templates plays an essential role in successfully delivering email campaigns. In SendPulse, it is easy to create beautiful email templates without the sage of coding.
SendPulse is an app available on Insiderapps.com


Thus, there are other modern apps for cold emailing, but the five applications mentioned above have made their way to email marketers worldwide.

It is necessary to have the right tool that helps you in analyzing the correct information about your target audience. So that you, as an email marketer, can analyze and optimize your upcoming campaigns accordingly.

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