6 Content Growth Analytic Tools

In today's digital world, your website's content is a critical ingredient in driving traffic and generating leads for your business. But crafting effective content takes more than just finding the right topic. Even if your issue is excellent, it doesn't always mean it will go viral or help you generate leads.

As a content marketer, it's crucial to analyze your content to see what's working and what's not to continue creating pieces that will support your business goals.

It's no secret that customer insights are critical to a successful content marketing strategy. According to Econsultancy, 60% of companies change and improve their content marketing strategies based on customer insights. While 55% of them effectively use marketing data to understand their target audiences better.

But what if you don't have the time or resources to create new content constantly? That's where content analytics tools come in. These tools help you track, measure, and calculate the effectiveness of your published content, so you can focus on creating the stuff that resonates with your customers.

But with so many content analytics tools, it can be tough to know which ones are the best for your needs. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Contently

Contently's primary purpose is to help users create content that will attract new audiences. Contently has a team of strategists that can help users plan and achieve their goals by guiding what kind of content to produce and who the best people are to make it.

With Contently, users can access over 55,000 professional freelancers who can provide new editorial ideas. Contently also makes it easy to manage the editorial process by providing tools to oversee calendars, create approval processes, and store all editorial assets in one place.

Contently can help take the guesswork out of social media content strategy by publishing original content directly to your social media pages. With paid media optimization, you can also get help making sure the right people see your content.

Key Benefits of Contently

  • Contently makes it simple to manage editorial teams and set up content approval processes.
  • An integrated publication calendar lets users see what's going on and plan when to publish new content.
  • Contently eases collaboration with content publishers, allowing users to communicate through the app, facilitating payments and generating reports.
  • Contently also helps users build their audience and nurture customer loyalty by providing real-time engagement metrics and paid media optimization.
  • Contently also sets up paid media optimization to improve the user's reach.

Key Features

  • Audience Insights
  • Social Sharing
  • Entry and Exit Pages
  • Sessions
  • Engagement
  • Return of Investment Tracking
  • Search Ranking
  • Content Calendar management
  • Email management
  • Workflow Builder
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Payment Automation
  • Secure Payments


Contently provides a free trial version, but with the same, the application works with customized plans for which users have to contact the company.

Contently is an app available on Insiderapps.com

2. Storychief

StoryChief is a marketing platform created to help businesses with content creation, content lists, and publishing campaign content across multiple channels. The data management module allows marketers to include relevant information in their content. This information is based on defined KPIs, gauging the performance of stories, tracking campaigns using UTM tags, embedding lead forms into posts, and more.

William is a blog hosted by the application that helps businesses improve their SEO score and Google ranking by publishing blogs on multiple channels and blogging sites. StoryChief is an employee advocacy platform that lets staff, followers, and acquaintances share stories with their networks.

Organize your content editorial calendar by month and year, plan or assign works among collaborators, and store everything in folders for quick access with this administrator tool. Other features include version history in case you need to go back and revisit something, an editorial briefing area to give your team an overview of the project, and a content workspace. This product is billed monthly or annually, and support is extended via documentation, live chat, and other measures.

Key Benefits of StoryChief

  • One-click distribution on all social channels.
  • Seamless collaboration between all content stakeholders (and agencies).
  • Great editor with immediate SEO scoring.
  • Asset emails to press agencies.
  • Email API management

Key Features

  • Automated Publishing
  • Email Management with API
  • Calendar Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Categorization/Grouping
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Content Management
  • Editorial Calendar
  • For Small Businesses
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • Post Scheduling and Management
  • ROI Tracking
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • SEO Management
  • Search/Filter


StoryChief offers a 7-day free trial for new customers. The subscription plans are as follows:

  • Team Plan: $120/month or $90/year (for up to 4 users & 1 workspace)
  • Agency Plan: $300/month or $225/year (for up to 25 users & 5 private workspaces for clients)
  • Custom Plans are available upon request.

StoryChief is an app available on Insiderapps.com

3. ContentStudio

ContentStudio is a cloud-based content marketing and social media management. The software helps small businesses and entrepreneurs manage their social media accounts and create custom content.

The platform includes features for automated publishing, content management, multi-account management, multi-user collaboration, post scheduling, and social media monitoring. With ContentStudio, users can manage multiple social media accounts from one location and get content suggestions and tools to optimize their posts for search engine ranking.

ContentStudio features an editorial calendar that allows users to plan custom campaigns and review and publish content from a single place. The platform also endorses integration with various third-party applications such as Giphy, Pixabay, Flickr, Chimp Rewriter and more.

Key Benefits of StoryChief

  • Discover the most engaging and trending content within any given industry with ContentStudio.
  • Plan, collaborate and get approval from other team members or clients.
  • Schedule content on all social networks and blogs with ContentStudio.
  • ContentStudio offers an intuitive drag and drops post composer with various customization tools.
  • Get automation recipes for saving time on repetitive tasks.
  • Analyze content performance on all the channels.

Key Features

  • Social Analytics
  • Social Publishing
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Social Engagement
  • Social Ads
  • Content Organization
  • Content Scheduling
  • Content Calendar
  • Content Library
  • Shared Inbox
  • Content Publishing Options
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customizable Reports
  • Document Management


Content Studio offers a 7-day free trial for new customers. Monthly subscription plans are as follows:

  • Pro: $49/month (or $39/month billed annually) for ten social accounts, one blog and unlimited social posts/month
  • Small: $99/month (or $79/month billed annually) for 25 social accounts, ten blogs and unlimited social posts/month
  • Medium: $199/month (or $159/month billed annually) for 50 social accounts, 20 blogs and unlimited social posts/month
  • Large: $299/month (or $239/month billed annually) for 150 social accounts, 50 blogs and unlimited social posts/month

Content Studio is an app available on Insiderapps.com

4. Edition Digital

You have a lot of choices when it comes to digital publications. You can go for simple digital replicas of your print publications, or you can go for highly interactive and engaging online magazines. You can keep your content fresh with Articles for a continuous publishing model, or you can keep your readers coming back more often with engaging branded content. Moreover, with interactive catalogues, you can communicate with your customers and sell straight off the page.

Easily and quickly assemble engaging, great-looking, and easy-to-share presentations that impact you. Present yourself, your skills and knowledge creatively and innovatively by enhancing your presentations with interactive features such as video, galleries, and animations.

Create content with no coding required. Include articles, blogs, social media feeds, white papers, reports, eBooks, videos, and publications and get it online instantly! Produce stunning interactive content and share your stories with your customers in no time. No coding is required!

Key Benefits of Edition Digital

  • Schedule and publish content with just a click.
  • Seamless integration and compatibility with all social media channels.
  • Analyze content performance on all the tracks.

Key Features

  • Content Planning
  • Content Calendar
  • Content Topic Research
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Visual Content Creation
  • Written Content Creation
  • Content Creator Marketplace
  • User-Generated Content
  • Content Curation
  • Marketing Content Creation
  • Create Reports
  • Video Content Creation
  • Quiz Creation
  • Case Study Creation
  • Sales Content Creation
  • Advertising Content Creation
  • Template Creation


Prices for this software start at $99 per month.

Edition Digital is an app available on Insiderapps.com

5. Twixl

Twixl Publisher is designed to help businesses build native apps more easily. It offers features like push notifications, access control, custom URL creation, real-time updates, social sharing, file encryption, full-text search and offline access. The platform also has a content segmentation feature that lets developers filter app content for display based on language, geolocation, or categories.

Professionals can also embed RSS or news feeds from the website, synchronizing content across web and mobile platforms. With the analytics module, users can track the app usage number of articles read and gauge readers' behavior.

Twixl Publisher is available to integrate various third-party platforms, including Canvasflow, WoodWing Enterprise Aurora, vjoon K4, Caymland M4, and Enfocus Switch. Mobile applications are available for Android and iOS. The solution is offered on an annual subscription basis, and support is provided via email, phone, and documentation.

Key Benefits of Twixl

  • Twixl is the perfect solution to manage to create and publish digital native apps.
  • No coding knowledge is required, so you can focus on design creation instead of wasting time troubleshooting.
  • Moreover, the Twixl team keeps working hard on offering many new features yearly, fitting each of our customers' needs.
  • Analyze content performance on all the tracks.

Key Features

  • Cataloguing/Categorization
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Content Delivery
  • Content Management
  • Data Synchronization
  • Debugging
  • Deployment Management
  • Design Templates
  • Document Management
  • Drag & Drop
  • Feature Library
  • File Sharing
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Integrated Development Environment
  • Iteration Management
  • Layout & Design


Twixl has different pricing editions, from $2 to $25. However, the yearly plan costs around $2500. A free trial of Twixl is also available.

Twixl is an app available on Insiderapps.com

6. Feedly

Feedly is a web content aggregation and management service. It allows users to monitor brand or product mentions, competitor activities, and article keywords across multiple online sources in a single place. The application automatically combines a user's preferred content sources into a cohesive experience, making it helpful for keeping track of online information. Feedly's creative reader environment allows for customizable management and filtering of content feeds, making it easy to find and consume the information you need.

Feedly can issue alerts and notifications about content that features those keywords via linking to Google Alerts. Feedly is supported by native apps for Mac, iOS and Android smartphones, offering cloud-based access for web browsers via free signup.

Key Benefits of Feedly

  • Feedly is an application that curates content from different sources and arranges it into an easy-to-read format. It also has features that allow users to share articles and videos with others.
  • The Feedly astute reader makes it easy to read digital publications, journals, magazines, blogs, and YouTube channels. Additionally, the Google Alerts support feature provides notifications on keyword mentions.
  • Diverse sources of varying media types can be organized into more palatable feeds. It can be shared among networks of friends, teammates, peers and colleagues to coordinate the consumption of like-minded content. In contrast, shared boards support collaborative article curation.
  • We're happy to announce that our popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Buffer are now compatible with apps and services like Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, IFTTT, and Zapier. This broadens the options for sharing and makes it easier than ever to connect with your audience.

Key Features

  • API
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Benchmarking
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Commenting/Notes
  • Content Library
  • Content Publishing Options
  • Document Management
  • Filtering
  • Monitoring
  • Multi-Channel Distribution
  • Multi-Language
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Search/Filter
  • Social Media Integration
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Trend Analysis
  • Video Support
  • Collapse list


Users can use the application for free with limited controls. Suppose in case a user wants to switch to the premium subscription. In that case, the application also provides a seven-day free trial.

The premium plans start at $8 per month with customization.

Feedly is an app available on Insiderapps.com

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