DT-Global Business Consulting acquired by FiscalNote

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Published on 10/06/2022


DT-Global Business Consulting acquired by FiscalNote

DT-Global Business Consulting is an Austria-based subscription-based market intelligence company that offers in-depth expertise and analysis for the Central & Eastern Europe (CEE), Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and Middle East-Africa (MEA) areas. FiscalNote, a leading AI-driven enterprise SaaS company that delivers market intelligence and data insights, announced it had acquired the core operating assets of DT-Global.

DT-Global, a reputable and long-standing company founded in 2009 by founder and president Dr Daniel Thorniley, offers actionable market intelligence and geopolitical analysis about the CEE, CIS, and MEA regions. It also manages the largest network of senior executives of multinational corporations with a regional presence.

In order to provide timely syndicated research content, benchmarking analysis about the business environment and market dynamics of the CEE, CIS, and MEA regions, and direct access to regular briefings and consultations with DT-Global experts, DT-Global has partnered with and served 5,000 executives at more than 350 global and regional companies, many of which are Fortune 500 companies. IKEA, MasterCard, Nintendo, Mondelez, Hitachi, Nike, IBM, Warner Bros., Canon, Hershey, Citi, Hilton, Oracle, Danone, Sony Pictures, Puma, Heineken, GlaxoSmithKline, Hyatt Hotels, Stanley Black & Decker, and Takeda are just a few examples of cross-industry clients. In the CEE, CIS, and MEA regions, DT-Global has also established long-lasting, significant partnerships with many in-market government officials and public sector executives.

This acquisition will offer the following benefits when DT-Global is included in FiscalNote's portfolio:

  • A significant foundation of annual recurring revenue that is subscription-driven and pays multiples comparable to large-scale purchases.
  • Following a seamless integration into the business's platforms after closing, prospects for upselling and cross-selling goods and services will exist to both DT-Global and present FiscalNote clients.
  • Acceleration of new customer acquisitions and engagement with a new group of high-profile customers in a Central and Eastern Europe market that is becoming more active and complex.
  • Access to the comprehensive and specialized content produced by DT-Global, as well as to its active executive network and community and skilled staff of analysts.
  • The extension of crucial and unique regional market knowledge for current FiscalNote clients.

Dr. Thorniley will continue to play a key leadership position at DT-Global, delivering knowledgeable consulting services, engaging with clients directly, and strengthening the company's powerful executive network in the area.

About FiscalNote

FiscalNote provides immediate predictive analytics of governmental action to identify impact using big data and artificial intelligence. The flagship platform of FiscalNote offers government relations professionals enterprise collaboration and visualisation tools for data on campaign money, demographics, news, and open data, in addition to real-time legislative prediction capabilities.

About DT-Global Business

DT-Global Business Consulting provides guidance and information on international business and emerging markets, a consulting firm focusing on the CEE-Europe and Russia-CIS regions. The largest network of senior executives from multinational corporations doing business in CEE and the Russia/CIS region is represented by DT-Global Consulting, which also participates in private corporate groups.

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