Fleksy's custom keyboard technology is now available as a SaaS service

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Published on 05/12/2022



Fleksy, a keyboard startup, has released a new self-serve SDK to help indie developers integrate unique keyboard software into their products. For several years, the Barcelona-based mobile keyboard software developer has sold its customized keyboard technology through white-label licensing. Still, it's now trying to expand its b2b business through a more accessible freemium software as a service model.

Olivier Plante, CEO and co-founder of Fleksy, says, "Developers want something to build fast, and we're serving them now with this platform,". He added, "We serve dozens of companies using our {earlier} Custom SDK under a license model, but with this platform, the future is to enable developers to build value on top and share their integrations with other developers, that's the beauty of the platform enabled by developers. We'll sooner get to a ubiquitous typing across screens where Fleksy will power it all."

Plante claims that demand for Fleksy's customizable keyboard software, which includes features like next word prediction and swipe to input, comes from mobile-centric regions like Europe and the United States and consumer apps like health, productivity, etc., social media, p2p payments, and CRM apps.

Fleksy is seeing interest in keyboard technology from developers working on apps for AR/VR devices, automobiles, and out-of-home displays, according to Plante. He included, "All our competition focuses on licensing, long sales cycles the Keyboard SDK landscape is Fleksy's now, and we invite all types of companies/sizes/indie devs to try out our SDK, no strings attached!".

After 10x growth, Fleksy has obtained its Series A funding to develop its keyboard SDK business.

About Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy is a virtual keyboard technology company that has won numerous awards. The popular Fleksy keyboard is available for download on Android and iOS for users. The Fleksy keyboard is designed to provide users with complete customization and improve their smartphone typing experience. Fleksy's mobile apps have been downloaded over 20 million times worldwide.

The Fleksy Software Development Kit (SDK) helps businesses overcome the hurdle of creating a great typing experience on both iOS and Android. For a monthly licensing fee, its clients can focus on their area of expertise and value-add.

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