The World of Visual Instructions; Vitag’s Launch of NFC-Powered ‘Sticky Notes’

Published on 10/20/2022


Vitag’s Launch of NFC-Powered ‘Sticky Notes’

‘Sticky Notes’ has remained ubiquitous within the computer and offline world. However, considering the vast path of the virtual world, Vitag has launched a great deal; NFC-powered ‘Sticky notes’.

Regardless of the restaurant you choose to eat at, social exclusion has led to the widespread use of QR codes. The menu of every restaurant, which uses a single barcode system, has been given new life by its vibrant rise as a tech-savvy aspect.

The company has broadly named the same as ‘Video sticky notes’. Founded in Dallas in March, Vitag has been upfront with its launch of the private beta version.Easy the Tap, Easier the Usability!

The founders, CTO Raniel Reiling and Sean Jackson claim that despite the name's intimidating sound, it is simpler to use than it appears. Vitag has paved an easy way further with the wide selection of internet services available to generate numerous QR codes. It also offers a variety of tools for making movies while managing tags and hosting the original video in its original form.

Once you are on the go to access the unique URL provided to you, you will also encounter a hosting service on the top of Google Cloud, which shall enable you to have a look with content viewable access only.

An Insight into Scalability, Controllability, and Customizability

An existing company like Vimeo has intuitively made usage of current white-label videos by budding their own customizations, unlike Vitag, the hosting service is made effortless, as explained by the founders. The Vimeo has its name engraved much in the industry but unlikely it's majorly used for hosting your own videos.

When it comes to potentiality, Vitag holds accountability for hundreds to thousands of customers who require to have their individual accounts in order to create as well as store videos endlessly. In a nutshell, Vitag’s new launch is a single-stop solution for your entire back-end and front-end package following the complete course of creation to hosting.

Hidden Facts about Vitag’s Launch

One of the primary reasons for launching Vitag’s sticky notes speaks of removing the complexity from the entire process of sharing the instructions. In a simple manner, the launch has simplified and made it relatively more accessible for the customers to avoid the cobbling of different technologies in order to hold on to a single task. From QR generations to desktop publishing tools followed by various hosting platforms, everything is sorted all at once.

Moreover, the launch does not lay its hands solely over the video concept; rather it energizes the core areas for a customer enabling them to configure their tag, which can easily be linked to a static text page, an image, or a URL, as preferred.

Additionally, Vitag allows NFC tags from independent vendors, and users can format the tags within the Vitag app to make them compatible. The business has also made a big announcement, stating its plans for future tools, including a desktop client with more functionality for enterprise and small business users.

About Vitag

Initially launched for visual instructions, Vitag’s has remained successful with the launch and have announced their beta version of the same. The basic components of Vitag's solution are two physical NFC-enabled tags and a mobile app that allows users to upload already created content or record new instructional videos. The usability is made easier when you need to check for the recycling location or if, as a customer, you are willing to tap your phone on the tag at that point.

About NFC

Broadly known as near-field communication, it holds its residents majorly for a payment domain. Recently with the advent of tech companies such as Apple, NFC was more or less forced to embrace and allow the apps to write blank tags directly. This act may ensure easy interaction with native protocols, which is made easier for people to share their information by tapping their phones together with the high usage of NFC, replacing the business cards.

Since NFC is on the rise and is where Vitag wants to make its mark, QR codes have experienced a significant rebound in recent years and are not likely to disappear anytime soon.

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