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Infobip is omnichannel customer support and engagement platform that uses SMS, voice messages, email, and mobile app messaging. Customer profiling, custom payload tools, geolocation, chatbots, AI, event-triggered actions, and other features for businesses are available on the platform.

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Enterprise <ul> <li>Personalized omnichannel customer connections</li> <li>No compromise delivery</li> <li>Global reach, local presence</li> <li>Full stack customer engagement</li> </ul> Custom Other
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  • Enterprise
    <ul> <li>Personalized omnichannel customer connections</li> <li>No compromise delivery</li> <li>Global reach, local presence</li> <li>Full stack customer engagement</li> </ul>
  • Pro
    <ul> <li>Unlimited message history</li> <li>Unlimited apps and integrations</li> <li>Unlimited lightweight, voice-first huddles</li> <li>Secure work with other companies using Slack Connect channels</li> </ul>
  • Business+
    <ul> <li>99.99% guaranteed uptime</li> <li>User provisioning and deprovisioning</li> <li>SAML-based single sign-on</li> <li>Data exports for all messages</li> </ul>
  • Enterprise Grid
    <ul> <li>Unlimited workspaces</li> <li>Support for data loss prevention (DLP), e-Discovery and offline backup providers</li> <li>Designated customer success teams</li> <li>HIPAA-compliant message and file collaboration</li> </ul>
  • Enterprise
    <ul> <li>Audio and HD video calling</li> <li>Smart messaging</li> <li>Screen sharing</li> <li>Call recording and Live subtitles</li> </ul>
  • Free
    <ul> <li>2 named Inbox seats</li> <li>Up to 1,000 monthly Flow Invocations</li> <li>Access to all channels (Premium channels fees apply)</li> <li>Coach support</li> </ul>
  • Custom
    <ul> <li>Custom Inbox seats</li> <li>Unlimited Live Chat conversations</li> <li>Custom monthly Flow Invocations</li> <li>Priority support options</li> </ul>

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