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Notion is an all-in-one workspace that combines and customizes notes, docs, project management, and wikis. Tens of thousands of teams and businesses use it to collaborate, stay informed, and accomplish more together.

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In-Depth Reviewer Comments

Lez I.
It is a very customizable workspace tool

Customizing flowcharts and adding spaces, dropdown bars, and channels to make them personalized per your organization's need is a plus point.

How did your team benefit the most?:
I will say structuring resources in the dropdown flow helps employees because they can understand each and every mentioned resource with context.
One Major Feature That You Benefited From:
It has to be the templates library, fun fact there are even more templates available on 3rd party sources like Esty created by experience Notion users. Coming to the point so with temapltes, we organized and structured much of our data and content plans along with references, and it was all very clean.
How difficult is it to get started?:
Overwhelming but exciting It was actually quite too much for teams in our organization to adapt to this tool, but we told them that it would benefit them in organizing various workflows and resources, which is great because now they will have less chaos in doing that manually so that kept them exciting during onboarding. I will mention its minimal design does look very sophisticated and clean once you start using it frequently.
One thing or feature you would improve:
Well there is some level of a learning curve to using it, but apart from that, we're satisfied with its benefits.
Size of your organization:
Position or Role:
Product Head
Why You Signed Up:
To bring structure in the way we share resources to team members

Max G.
Perfect tool for task management but bit complex

Loved its capabilities now, assigning tasks, monitoring, and managing them have become convenient. It's the layout that makes understanding assigned workflows easy.

How did your team benefit the most?:
For us, the efficiency it brought in the whole task tracking process. It also easily integrates with 3rd party tools. We didn't have to explain again to team members about task description they could access it within the same screen
One Major Feature That You Benefited From:
Entire workflows and documents can be structured just by using its drag and drop functionality in a convenient manner, and everyone on the team can access it simultaneously.
How difficult is it to get started?:
It is a great task management platform for all sizes of companies and teams, only thing is its complex learning process, any first timer probably won't be able to navigate through its interface with ease it does take effort to learn its usage.
One thing or feature you would improve:
I don't know maybe it is the interface that kind of makes it appears forcefully fitted screen in the beginning.
Size of your organization:
Position or Role:
Why You Signed Up:
We use Notion to easily track task progress

App Pricing Page

Personal <ul> <li>Unlimited pages & blocks</li> <li>Share with 5 guests</li> <li>Sync across devices</li> <li>API</li> </ul> 0 Month
Personal Pro <ul> <li>Unlimited file uploads</li> <li>Unlimited guests</li> <li>30 day version history</li> </ul> 5 Month
Team <ul> <li>Unlimited team members</li> <li>Collaborative workspace</li> <li>Sharing permissions</li> <li>Admin tools</li> </ul> 10 Month
Enterprise <ul> <li>SAML SSO</li> <li>User provisioning (SCIM)</li> <li>Audit logNEW</li> <li>Advanced security & controls</li> </ul> Custom Other
This app has yearly payment discounts available.

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Customer Questions

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  • Personal
    <ul> <li>Unlimited pages & blocks</li> <li>Share with 5 guests</li> <li>Sync across devices</li> <li>API</li> </ul>
  • Personal Pro
    <ul> <li>Unlimited file uploads</li> <li>Unlimited guests</li> <li>30 day version history</li> </ul>
  • Team
    <ul> <li>Unlimited team members</li> <li>Collaborative workspace</li> <li>Sharing permissions</li> <li>Admin tools</li> </ul>
  • Enterprise
    <ul> <li>SAML SSO</li> <li>User provisioning (SCIM)</li> <li>Audit logNEW</li> <li>Advanced security & controls</li> </ul>
  • Lite (2 users)
    <ul> <li>5 collections</li> <li>Unlimited boards</li> <li>Unlimited backlogs</li> <li>25 automation actions</li> </ul>
  • Standard (2 users)
    <ul> <li>Unlimited boards and backlogs</li> <li>Unlimited apps and integrations</li> <li>Unlimited storage</li> <li>5 000 automation actions</li> </ul>
  • Enterprise (2 users)
    <ul> <li>25 000 automation actions</li> <li>Reports and Timesheet reporting</li> <li>Apps for iOS and Android</li> <li>Guest accounts</li> </ul>
  • Free
    <ul> <li>Unlimited cards</li> <li>Up to 10 boards per Workspace</li> <li>Unlimited storage (10MB/file)</li> <li>250 Workspace command runs per month</li> </ul>
  • Standard
    <ul> <li>Pricing per user</li> <li>Unlimited boards</li> <li>Advanced checklists</li> <li>Custom Fields</li> </ul>
  • Premium
    <ul> <li>Dashboard view</li> <li>Timeline view</li> <li>Workspace Table view</li> <li>Calendar view</li> </ul>
  • Enterprise
    <ul> <li>Estimated cost for 25 users</li> <li>Unlimited Workspaces</li> <li>Organisation wide permissions</li> <li>Public board management</li> </ul>
  • Basic
    <ul> <li>Unlimited tasks</li> <li>Unlimited projects</li> <li>Unlimited messages</li> <li>Unlimited activity log</li> </ul>
  • Premium
    <ul> <li>Pricing per user</li> <li>Workflow Builder</li> <li>Unlimited Dashboards</li> <li>Reporting across unlimited projects</li> </ul>
  • Business
    <ul> <li>Portfolios</li> <li>Goals</li> <li>Workload</li> <li>Custom rules builder</li> </ul>
  • Enterprise
    <ul> <li>Custom branding</li> <li>Admin announcements</li> <li>SAML</li> <li>User and group provisioning & deprovisioning (SCIM)</li> </ul>

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