Speaking with CEO Timur Chernenko of Gurucan, The Creators Platform

Interview with Timur Chernenko of GurucanAs many great apps are, Gurucan was born out of frustration. Its founders, Tim and Julia Chernenko, persevered creating, as they state, a “one-stop-shop for creators.” With easy and elegant online courses, memberships, push notifications, and email marketing, Gurucan moves flawlessly from a powerful online learning platform to CRM for businesses of all sizes. One of their truly unique offerings is a white-label app.

CEO, Timur Chernenko, graciously agreed to an email interview, highlighting Gurucan’s features and future.

Gurucan offers a wide variety of services, beyond just online learning and course building. Tell me a little about the origin of Gurucan, and how it came to be what we see today?

TC: A combination of vast entrepreneurship experience and personal failure (in the creator's economy) led to developing the software, from pain to gain.

In 2019, Tim and Julia were trying to launch a cohort-based app and faced many problems, including endless communication with the developers. So we decided it should be a more straightforward and easy way to launch mobile online courses. That's how we created Gurucan!

Gurucan is now a one-stop shop for digital entrepreneurs to cover business needs and provide an outstanding learning experience for the students.

"A combination of vast entrepreneurship experience and personal failure (in the creator's economy) led to developing the software, from pain to gain."
How did Gurucan get its first customers?

TC: Cold outreach to creators, placement in different software market placements, a little of Facebook ads targeting competitors' users.

What sets Gurucan apart from its competitors?

TC: Mobile. Our primary focus is mobile, which is how we differ from our competitors. With Gurucan, creators upload their content and don't have to worry about which device their students are using because it's automatically available on both web and mobile. Gurucan app is available from day 1 on any pricing plan and creators can grow to their own White-Label Apps for iOS & Android. Mobile benefits both creator and student from different points-engagement, completion rates, sales and marketing, and branding.

Multi-Language. Admin panel and student interface are available in several languages, and we have the technology to implement the new languages quickly. We already have the student's interface available in 14 languages and support any left-to-right language.

Customer support. Gurucan provides good care for the creators. We are here to help creators achieve their goals with Gurucan. A high customer satisfaction score proves the efficiency of our team's work. We have a very detailed Help Center with a variety of guides/how-to/videos. We also plan to localize help centers for different markets. We also have personal onboarding calls and a done-for-you service, where we help with initial setup or migration from other platforms.

With today's ever-increasing "online" culture, what do you see for the future of Gurucan?

TC: We see Gurucan as a one-stop shop for creators to run a knowledge business by providing outstanding learning experiences, increasing community and peer-to-peer communications benefits, implementing gamification to boost engagement and sales, and maximizing the power of the creator's brand.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs about how to grow and scale effectively?

TC: Be clear and sure about who is your "Persona" / ideal customer/ target audience, and talk in your audience's language. Invest (mostly time) in keyword research & SEO as early as possible — long term, but it always pays off. Focus on a niche and solve your audience pain — start with a small top-notch 100% working product and then develop more features. Test your product; conduct customer interviews — ask your users/potential customers what they need

Finally, what apps and programs does Gurucan use to run its own business?

Modern Customer Relationships Platform

Chat service for individuals, teams, organizations and even software.

All-in-one Workspace for Notes, Tasks

Collaborative Interface Design Tool

Calendar Management Platform

Visual Collaboration Platform

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