Boardable Compared to Cloze Apps, Pricing and Discounts

It is imperative to keep organized in business as employees work on projects to move your company forward. However, progress grinds to a halt if the information is lost or forgotten. You are wasting time and money while everyone tries to remember where the conversation left off. For this reason, organizational apps such as Boardable or Cloze become irreplaceable.
Both apps help you and your team keep information organized and in one place. Having your communications in one place reduces the time spent catching up on projects. Boardable and Cloze allow team leaders to manage tasks for team members to ensure work is being done on time. Both apps also collect data and keep it organized, so you spend less time doing admin-type stuff.

Boardable is an app that allows you and your team to keep projects organized. More specifically, the app helps you make meetings more effective. Before the session starts, you can build and send out an agenda and a board packet containing all the documents the team needs.
Boardable also offers "Minutes Maker" to record important information and assign tasks during your meetings. Afterward, you can hold discussions on a chat function to keep the conversation flowing and things moving.
Boardable offers four pricing options to fit your needs, but you will need to reach out to the software to determine the exact cost of each option.

  • Free
  • Essentials
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Cloze combines a customer relationship management app and an AI assistant app into one package. The app keeps track of information regarding projects and your contacts through your email, phone calls, texts, meetings, and social media apps.
Cloze will prompt you when it is time to follow up with someone. For example, the app can tell you where the conversation left off if you are heading into a meeting.
Cloze offers four pricing options.

Customer Rating:

Board management and meeting platform that simplifies the board experience

<ul> <li>Preparation & Collaboration - Up to 10 files, Agenda Builder</li> <li>Engagement & Participation - Spotlight Video, Unlimited Meetings, Meeting Minuted, Chat</li> <li>Support & Success - Boardable Academy</li> </ul>
<ul> <li>Preparation & Collaboration - Unlimited Storage</li> <li>Engagement & Participation - 10 groups, 5 meeting guests</li> <li>Accountability & Effectiveness - 90 days stored reporting</li> <li>Support & Success - Success Resources</li> </ul>
<ul> <li>Preparation & Collaboration - Quick Print</li> <li>Engagement & Participation - Unlimited groups</li> <li>Accountability & Effectiveness - Unlimited reporting</li> <li>Support & Success - 24/7 Support</li> </ul>
<ul> <li>Accountability & Effectiveness - Custom reporting</li> <li>Support & Success - Premium 24/7 Technical Support</li> </ul>

Boardable is an all-in-one board and meeting management portal designed for organizations who want to focus on their purpose, not their meeting tools. Boardable makes it easy and intuitive to host meetings, build and share agendas, record minutes, store and sign documents, assign tasks, vote digitally, and more. In-person, virtual or hybrid, Boardable makes board meetings - or any meeting - more focused, effective, and engaging. Explore Boardable today with a live demo or free trial.

Customer Rating:
Not rated

Relationship Management Platform

Cloze Pro
<ul> <li>Smart AI</li> <li>One View of Everything</li> <li>Business-Grade Email</li> <li>Open Tracking and Reply Reminders</li> </ul>
Business Silver
<ul> <li>Work as a Team</li> <li>Assign Responsibility</li> <li>Manage Privacy</li> </ul>
Business Gold
<ul> <li>Smart Custom Fields</li> <li>Advanced Integrations</li> <li>Text Message Syncing</li> <li>Track Partners</li> </ul>
Business Platinum
<ul> <li>Matching Engine</li> <li>Smart Templates</li> <li>Lead Capture</li> <li>Marketing Mail</li> </ul>

Cloze makes relationship management smarter and enables users to keep all their contacts in one place. The platform makes use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). They provide relationship management solutions for real estate, recruiting, services, consulting, non-profit and sales. A personal assistant is in-built into the platform which keeps users on track with all their relationship commitments.

If you are looking for a way to keep conversations, documents, and meetings organized, then Boardable is the app for you. You can save documents in a Document Center instead of searching through emails for an attachment. In addition, you can create meeting agendas and send them to the team beforehand so everyone will come prepared.
However, if you want an app that searches through other apps to keep information organized, Cloze is the right app. Cloze will search through LinkedIn, Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, and more to help you know what is happening with your brand. The app will also tell you where you left off in a meeting and prompt you when it is time to follow up.
Before choosing the right app, you must consider your needs and what you expect the app to do.

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