GrowSurf vs. ReferralCandy Software Comparison and Pricing

As a business owner, you know that referrals can help your business. The downside of this marketing tactic is the time, energy, and resources needed to be successful, including finances and staffing. One way to ease this burden without sacrificing the benefits of referrals is through referral software.
GrowSurf and ReferralCandy can help small or large businesses automate their referral process to gain more customers without the hassle.

GrowSurf allows your tech firm to be in charge of your referral marketing campaigns. You can launch various campaigns using the service and see what works best at turning referrals into new clients.
Features include:

  • Fast program setup
  • Customizable to match your branding
  • Automatic link generation for each referral
  • Automated rewards
  • Program integration with brands like PayPal, MailChimp, and Salesforce.

GrowSurf has three self-service plans to get your referral marketing campaigns started. Plans range from $450 to $1050. Or you may opt for a full-service plan where GrowSurf manages your campaigns for you, but you will need to request a quote for such services.

ReferralCandy is ideal for e-commerce platforms looking to gain referrals with little effort. Included tools such as analytics allow you to view revenue from referrals and referred traffic from your website. These tools help validate the money spent on your automatic referral program.
ReferralCandy can be integrated with other software, including:

  • recharge
  • MailChimp
  • Shopify

Pricing for ReferralCandy ranges from $49/month to $239/month for the Premium and Plus programs, respectively. There is an Enterprise plan if your brand needs unlimited aid, but you must request a quote for such services.

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Not rated

Referral Marketing Platform for Tech Firms

<ul> <li>Up to 10,000 participants</li> <li>Campaigns - 2</li> <li>Team Members - 2</li> <li>Customizable Design</li> </ul>
<ul> <li>Up to 25,000 participants</li> <li>Campaigns - 5</li> <li>Team Members - 5</li> <li>Custom Referral Portal Domain</li> </ul>
<ul> <li>Up to 75,000 participants</li> <li>Campaigns - 20</li> <li>Team Members - 10</li> <li>Priority Support</li> </ul>

GrowSurf is a referral program software for tech companies. It helps tech companies to launch powerful customer-to-customer referral programs and saves time by creating viral marketing campaigns easily. The best part of GrowSurf is that users can reduce the cost of customer acquisition and boost their ROI. it is highly customisable and allows users to alter the design of their popup window and website branding. No coding or technical skills are required to operate this platform.

Customer Rating:
Not rated

Referral Program Automation Software

<ul> <li>Unlimited customers</li> <li>Dashboard & data reports</li> <li>Live chat support</li> <li>Advanced fraud management</li> </ul>
<ul> <li>Price per month billed annually<li> <li>Priority support</li> <li>Account manager</li> </ul>

ReferralCandy is a referral software for ecommerce stores. It allows users to automate their referral programmes, track results and reduce the risk of fraud. Users can connect their referralcandy account with other e-commerce platforms for best results. Users can integrate referralcandy with their other marketing apps, and also award their customers for any referrals that they carry out.

GrowSurf and ReferralCandy are software designed to help your online or tech business. Both programs also seek to earn you a considerable ROI based on your spending for this form of marketing.
GrowSurf is easy to start, has a smaller learning curve, and offers several plans depending on your business's size, scope, and goals. ReferralCandy allows you to instantly track data revealing how effective your referral process is going. While more complex than GrowSurf, it can still be easily integrated with other software.
If you are a medium-to-large tech company owner, you'll almost certainly prefer the platform GrowSurf. For those with e-commerce stores looking for ways to integrate new software into already-existing platforms, ReferralCandy may be the route for you.

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