SAP Litmos and SmarterU LMS Comparison and Pricing

Do you need to find a helpful and productive learning management system (LMS) to integrate into your firm? As your need to conduct online training grows, so does your need for an intuitive and affordable LMS.
SAP Litmos and SmarterU LMS are two options for your company. Let us help you learn about the pros and cons of the software to help you select the most effective one for your business.

SAP Litmos is a cloud-based continuous learning platform that aligns with extended enterprises, learning management, content management systems, and prepackaged content to attain the company's training requirements.
SAP Litmos is useful to organizations as a result of the following functionality features:
1. The program contains a user interface that is consistent across devices. This consistency is helpful, especially in helping organizations engage with their mobile workforce.
2. The program also offers an interface where coaches can directly import content.
3. The software allows freelancers to monetize courses.
SAP Litmos' pricing varies by the number of users while offering up to 15 courses for your firm. Additionally, SAP Litmos can integrate with other applications to provide efficiency in the organization. The software can partner with the following applications:
1. Ping
2. One Login
3. Centrify
4. Okta
5. Shopify
6. Box
7. SalesForce

SmarterU LMS is an alternative to your current online training courses. The software is beneficial in solving your training struggle, and the program is ideal at also making your courses look sleek and clean.
SmarterU LMS can:
1. Generate reports
2. Offer tech support
3. Provide a broader knowledge base
SmarterU LMS has an affordable pricing strategy. For example, for small businesses, SmarterU LMS has a plan of $2 per user charging for a minimum of 50 users. Corporate users also have a plan of $1 per user for a minimum of 300 users. The pricing flexibility allows you to customize your software bundle to meet your organization's needs.
The application can also integrate with the following software:
1. Custom integration
2. E-Commerce
3. Intranets
4. ERP Platforms
5. HRIS Platforms

SAP Litmos
Customer Rating:
Not rated

Corporate training solution with built in content library

SAP Litmos LMS
<ul> <li>Online course builder and content management</li> <li>Custom branding</li> <li>Learning paths</li> <li>Reporting and tracking</li> </ul>
SAP Litmos LMS + Courses
<ul> <li>Access to more than 2,500 courses and videos</li> <li>Ever-expanding course library, accessed directly in SAP Litmos Training</li> <li>All video-based, professionally developed courses</li> <li>Highly engaging learning modules</li> </ul>

SAP Litmos is a platform that powers training for today’s intelligent enterprise. It gives training professionals everything they need to manage their entire training program from one secure, centralized environment. It's known for quick deployment and simple integration with other key business systems, as well as automation of formerly time-consuming tasks, such as user onboarding and reporting. A truly global solution, the LMS is used in 150 countries and supports 35 languages.

SmarterU LMS
Customer Rating:
Not rated

Enterprise training solution for team's success

<ul> <li>LMS plans from 300 to 10,000+ learners</li> <li>Flexibility to customize the training environment</li> <li>Ability to integrate with other aspects of your training ecosystem</li> <li>Administrator onboarding and training</li> </ul>

With SmarterU Create, manage, deploy and measure training on an LMS with a superior learner experience that engages and empowers all people within your organization to achieve their goals. It provides dynamic learning plans, eCommerce, KnowledgeBase, Instructor-led training, Custom Reports, Course Builder, SCORM/xAPI compliant and more. SmarterU provides corporate training success and helps in team or client training.

Selecting between the two software can be a little bit confusing as they can perform almost any related functions: However, we define SAP Litmos' uniqueness as follows:
1. SAP Litmus supports freelancers who, on the other hand, are not supported by the SmarterU LMS.
2. SAP Litmus provides real-time reporting.
3. SAP Litmus helps in selling add-on online courses.
4. SAP Litmus contains an intuitive user interface.
On the other hand, SmarterU LMS also has unique features that differ from those of SAP Litmos. These features include:
1. SmarterU LMS contains a more comprehensive knowledge base.
2. SmarterU LMS has SCORING support.
3. SmarterU LMS supports role automation which is essential to organizational operations.
4. SmarterU LMS is defined by its scalability and unrestricted users.
Analyze your brand's needs as you seek to upgrade how you conduct your online training and management programs with SAP Litmos or SmarterU LMS.

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