4 Best HTML5 Browser Apps of 2023

Even though we generally cover business-facing apps on Insiderapps, we thought it might be a bit of fun to post about apps that allow you to de-stress and disconnect.

Quick, Draw!

Obviously when Google builds a game, there is usually a reason for it. In the case of Quick, Draw!, it seems like most players are simply informing a machine learning system to get better. Nevertheless, this is a fun way to kill time and make Google richer.

A favorite amongst those with headphones on, the idea is to draw a quick doodle and have the system recognize what it is. As you draw, the voice will try to guess what it is. The results can often be hilarious if you are bad at drawing, but the system gets it right the majority of the time.

Dinosaur Game

A well known classic (also from Google) aptly named the Dinosaur Game, this once offline treat is now available online. The game is as simple as it gets. Use your space bar and jump over trees and rocks as a pixelated T-Rex.

The longer you last, the bigger your score and it reminds us all of the arcade games of the 80's. The game has one level that seemingly goes on forever and gets harder and harder as you. There are even YouTube videos of people trying to get the best possible score, and others have posted about bots they wrote to trick the game into a huge score.


Back in 2016, a game came online that took everything we love about the original Snake game and turned it into something for the modern age. The game is Slither and has a massive online experience where the goal is to get your snake as big as it can get.

This one is all about killing other snakes in order to steal their energy and get bigger yourself. The chaos begins when you have a lot of players in one area. Once a big snake dies, it's a feeding frenzy which often causes others to die, and so on. Get ready for an addicting experience.

Town of Salem

Most games on the browser are highly visual yet simple games that most people can jump right into, The Town of Salem is different.

This game requires you to have an account and most players find it highly addicting. There is an active community of players and each player gets to choose their role within the game. The purpose is to find the bad guys in town when everyone is lying and trying to protect themselves. This game requires more time than just jumping into a quick game, but you will love it.

Why Web-Based Games Are Important

Used in moderation, we are big proponents of taking a little time to rest your brain. These kinds of games provide a crucial way to relax and unwind when you are feeling stressed or need to be distracted. Obviously every employment is different and most employers frown upon game playing, but others actually encourage it.

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