Cropin, an agricultural technology firm, introduces its cloud platform to digitalize the agricultural industry

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Published on 09/08/2022


Cropin introduces its cloud platform to digitalize the agricultural industry

A leader in agritech, Cropin recently announced Cropin Cloud, the first industry cloud ever developed solely for the agricultural business. Agribusinesses, development organizations, governments, and related industries can accelerate digital transformation along their whole business value chain with the help of Cropin Cloud, a multi-tenant, secure, scalable, flexible, and intelligent cloud platform.

Cropin Cloud is a platform that combines digitizing apps, clean and contextual data pipelines for better data-driven decision-making, and globally validated machine learning models that are crop-specific, crop- and geography-agnostic.

It aspires to advance technology adoption to address actual agricultural issues and provide benefits to all participants in the food value chain, from farmers and agribusinesses to consumers.

The platform results from Cropin's 12+ years of experience and skill in utilizing technology and data to enable the global agriculture ecosystem.

With the support of this launch, Cropin will assist agri-food and related businesses in managing the complexity of combining numerous points of technology while gaining the freedom to select the ideal solutions based on their stage of the digital transformation path.

Agri-ecosystem problems like traceability, unpredictable yields, supply chain disruptions, and other issues can all be solved with the help of Cropin Cloud. It provides a scalable agri-stack made up of Cropin Apps, Cropin Data Hub, and Cropin Intelligence, a potent trio of platform layers and capabilities:

Cropin Apps: Accelerate extensive digital transformation in the agricultural sector and sectors that are tied to it, including forestry, commodities, banking, and insurance: With their help, agribusinesses can adopt climate-smart and regenerative agriculture, managing crop protection and nutrition both on and off the farm. They can also manage global farming operations, food safety regulations, supply chain visibility, predictability, risk management, farm-to-fork traceability, farmer engagement, advanced seed R&D, trialling, production management, and multigenerational seed.

Cropin Data Hub: Delivering the strength of unified data, the Data Hub makes it possible to interface with a variety of agri-data sources, including apps for on-the-ground farm management, IoT devices, drones, data on farmed resources' mechanization, remote sensing satellite data, and weather information. For extended correlation and analysis, agribusinesses can now access contextualized and structured data from a variety of sources. Additionally, Cropin Data Hub offers pre-built cutting-edge data frameworks to address the most difficult issues, like cloud-free satellite imagery, farm plot boundary identification, and land use segmentation.

Cropin Intelligence: As a component of the Intelligence platform, Cropin's 22 contextual deep-learning and AI models will offer agribusinesses intelligence on a variety of topics, including crop detection, irrigation scheduling, pest and disease prediction, nitrogen uptake, water stress detection, crop stage identification, yield estimation, harvest date estimation, and change detection. These field-tested models were created utilizing the largest agricultural knowledge graph in the world and have been applied internationally and customized for particular crop types, environmental circumstances, and geographic areas.

Cropin aims to usher in the next wave of breakthroughs in digital transformation across the agriculture ecosystem with the creation of the first industry cloud for the industry.

About Cropin

Cropin, established in 2010, created the first worldwide Intelligent Agriculture Cloud and is a pioneer in the Agtech industry. With the help of Cropin's platform, multiple agri-ecosystem stakeholders may use digitalization and AI to make decisions that boost productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. With the help of more than 250 clients, Cropin has digitized 16 million acres of farmland, enhancing the lives of over 7 million farmers. Over a decade, it has amassed the world's largest and most varied farming data insights, leading the global 'Ag-intelligence' movement with knowledge of 488 crops and 10,000 different crop types in 56 nations. Cropin has calculated 0.2 billion acres of agricultural land worldwide using its AI/ML platform, specifically designed for the agriculture ecosystem.

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