Instacart's new feature, "Big & Bulky", allows same-day delivery for more significant purchases


Instacart's new feature, "Big & Bulky"

On 24th August 2022, Instacart announced the launch of its new feature, "Big & Bulky". This feature promises same-day and scheduled delivery for products like office supplies, furniture and home electronics. This new feature can be availed if customers buy products from Container Store, Office Depot, Spirit Halloween and Staples, Mastermind Toys and Big Lots.

Over the past year, Instacart has been striving to provide its customers with new and better services. The "Big & Bulky" feature is an effort in that direction. The announcement of this feature has come after the recent launch of the "OrderUp" feature. As per these features, users can add items from additional retailers to their grocery purchases without paying an extra delivery fee. According to Instacart, the OrderUp feature allows users to do their weekly shopping in a single trip.

Regarding its latest launch, "Big & Bulky", the company released a statement expressing its excitement. The report said these features would provide shoppers with new revenue streams. In the future, Instacart claims to introduce new updates and product features to enhance shoppers' experience.

The "Big & Bulky" feature is to benefit not only shoppers but also the delivery agents using the platform. Instacart provides delivery agents with an additional source of income. Customers who own a large vehicle can also access the "Bulky Batches" feature. This option can be accessed by tapping on the "Access More Batches" option on the Shopper app. Based on the amount and weight of the item in the order, users can avail for batch payment. Instacart's initial test areas revealed that 97% of qualified customers selected the Bulky Batches option.

Instacart is also launching additional delivery alternatives in a few areas for customers who own an electric bike or moped. Orders with fewer products and shorter distances will be delivered to customers who wish to have their deliveries made on an electric motorcycle or scooter. The new small orders option makes it possible for workers without access to a car to work with the company even if it would be challenging to deliver standard Instacart orders, which might include bulky products like cases of water and multiple bags. In the coming weeks, Instacart will be testing out its delivery options in some cities across North America.

Additionally, the business recently stated that the Electronic Benefits Transfer and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (EBT SNAP) can now be utilized to make online grocery purchases through its app in 10 more states. Bearing this in mind, grocery stores of all sizes can take EBT and SNAP payments online via Carrot Payments, an Instacart Platform solution. This will be available in 49 states and Washington, D.C.

About Instacart

San Francisco-based company, Instacart, is a grocery delivery and pickup service in the United States and Canada. Its services can be availed both via a mobile phone and a website. Customers can use the service to order goods from participating stores, and a personal shopper will conduct the shopping for them. The firm was first launched in 2012 by Indian- Canadian Apoorva Mehta , a former Amazon employee. The co-founders of Instacart are Brandon Leonardo and Max Mullen .

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