Jane Technologies unveils the first iOS cannabis shopping app


Published on 10/18/2022


Jane Technologies unveils the first iOS cannabis shopping app

Leading online cannabis retailer Jane Technologies has launched its first iOS app, enabling customers to browse nearby dispensaries' product selections and buy cannabis. Thanks to Jane's unique technology, customers can browse local retailers by stores, goods, or categories with confidence, knowing that the inventory is accurate.

The firm was established in 2015 to assist dispensaries in supplying consumers with correct information on online transactions by giving them access to practical inventory data-collection technology. Dispensaries can clean up and standardize their SKUs using Jane's solutions, maintaining the consistency of their product metadata. The company has raised $127m over three rounds of fundraising.

Jane's customizable store pages for cannabis retailers let dispensaries run their storefronts inside the app so customers can browse real-time menus and arrange a delivery or pickup. Retailers have digitized their live product inventory and reached out to new local customers online for the past five years due to Jane's platform. Customers can use the app to shop conveniently online while increasing traffic to adjacent stores at no extra cost to either the user or the retailer.

"This is an exciting time for the industry. With the Jane app, we're bringing a seamless shopping experience to cannabis and creating a platform to further connect our community, " shared Jane's CEO, Socrates Rosenfeld. "The app provides consumers with a personalized, trusted shopping experience while continuing to empower our local retail partners to grow their businesses."

This application aids users in discovering new businesses and goods by providing suggestions based on activity, ratings, and user interests. The Jane app offers a unique retail experience for cannabis by allowing users to find products based on local inventories, verified reviews, sensations & effects, and personalized recommendations.

The Jane app offers cannabis companies a novel method of reaching consumers directly. The app includes brand sites with articles, goods, special offers, and details on nearby availability. To expand their reach, brands can work with Jane to sponsor pertinent portions of the app experience.

About Jane Technologies

Jane Technologies, a cannabis retail technology startup, gives its clients a safe, simple, and assured purchasing experience. Users can browse local products in real time, compare them based on price, popularity, or location, and place orders at nearby stores for free. Jane collaborates with dispensaries on a win-win approach; retailers only pay for successful transactions, unlike other industry tools. A complete e-commerce solution, including real-time POS connectivity, curated content straight from companies (product photographs, descriptions, etc.), and retail and market analytics, is provided by Jane's exclusive offering to dispensaries and brands. The Green Market Report's Cannabis Awards recognized Jane as the Best E-Commerce Technology for 2022.

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