Nvidia launches Omniverse cloud for metaverse applications

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Published on 09/29/2022


Nvidia launches Omniverse cloud

Nvidia introduced Nvidia Omniverse Cloud, its first software and infrastructure, as a service offering. It is a collection of cloud services for developers, designers, and enterprise teams, allowing them to build, publish, run, and access metaverse apps from any location.

The technology uses the cloud to robust the potent power of data centers and makes Omniverse capabilities available regardless of where the users are. Omniverse is currently used by 200,000 people and more than 700 enterprises.

Without local processing capacity, individuals and teams may quickly develop and collaborate on 3D processes with Omniverse Cloud. The GeForce cloud gaming platform from Nvidia, which includes a global graphics delivery network, will be used by the Omniverse Cloud.

The ability to train, simulate, test, and deploy intelligent robots with AI is becoming more scalable and accessible for roboticists. Engineers of autonomous vehicles can create sensor data based on physical principles and mimic traffic patterns to evaluate different road and weather conditions for safe self-driving deployment. Omniverse Cloud is based on the open Universal Scene Description (USD) standard for an interoperable 3D asset.

World leaders back Omniverse Cloud

Siemens, WPP, and RIMAC Group were the first companies to support Omniverse Cloud. The largest provider of marketing services is WPP, which has completely embraced Omniverse Cloud. Nvidia Omniverse is being used by developers, artists, and companies worldwide to create virtual worlds and broaden the scope of the metaverse.

The 3D internet is being built using Omniverse, a scalable computing platform for full-design-fidelity 3D simulation processes, by developers from diverse international industries. It is based on the virtual world language Universal Scene Description (USD), which Pixar first created.

With managed services and container deployments on the Omniverse Cloud, new developer toolkits, and an open developer publishing portal, Nvidia unveiled the most comprehensive collection of new Omniverse features at the recent GTC.

Developers may create, enhance, and link 3D tools and platforms to the Omniverse ecosystem with the aid of these most recent improvements and features.

Using the cloud to develop and run metaverse apps

The first software as a service (SaaS) product from Nvidia, called Omniverse Cloud, connects Omniverse applications running on edge devices, on-premises, or in the cloud. Users of Omniverse Farm may scale 3D workloads across the cloud, while Omniverse Nucleus Cloud users can access and update shared virtual environments. The Omniverse App Streaming feature allows users to collaborate and create on any device.

The planetary-scale Omniverse Cloud Computer powers Omniverse Cloud. It uses Nvidia OVX and HGX systems to conduct sophisticated AI workloads and simulate virtual environments with many images.

The largest industries, including retail, consumer and luxury goods, supply chain, logistics, and more, will utilize Omniverse, according to Nvidia CEO Huang, to link their teams, present their data in full detail, create synthetic data to train AI models, and simulate digital twins. He claims the underpinnings are the OVX servers, Nvidia GPUs, and RTX graphics.

Richard Kerris, vice president of the Omniverse at Nvidia claims that there are already several metaverse uses, and they are rapidly growing. Using augmented reality, you may currently try out virtual 3D objects from retailers, furniture manufacturers, and fashion designers.

Omniverse will be powered by a brand-new Nvidia OVX platform with recently revealed GPUs. This service aims to maximize capacity utilization for Deutsche Bahn, the second-largest transport firm in the world and operator of the national railway in Germany.


NVIDIA is a firm that develops computer platforms and innovates at the nexus of graphics, HPC, and AI. The business is focused on producing graphics-processor technology for workstations, desktop computers, and portable electronics. The firm is a significant provider of integrated circuits for game consoles, graphics processing units (GPUs), and motherboard chipsets for personal computers.

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