OneLayer To Set Forth Its Partnership With Druid Software, Delivering Security To Private Networks

Published on 11/11/2022


OneLayer To Set Forth Its Partnership With Druid Software

OneLayer, an exceptional group providing secured private LTE/5G networks for enterprises, has launched the world’s first 5G Private network security labs with Druid Software, a renowned software company providing cellular, network core software solutions, majorly for enterprises. Global telecom and cybersecurity service providers can now evaluate their products and use cases in OneLayer's digital twin private network environment.

The ultimate goal of this launch shall proceed with the notion of securing Druid Software’s 5G private network to provide its users with a platform with numerous abilities they require to deliver successfully. The motive behind the partnership is to equip users with an end-to-end cellular network.

Private cellulars are considered necessary, providing organizations with connectivity at a higher level. This connectivity is expected to increase reliability with a bandwidth, that has a broader range and connection levels, majorly for IoT and OT devices.

Core Initiative To Remove Security Concerts

According to a popular portal, it has been noted that organizations are on a wider runway to adopt connection levels which offer great bandwidth with no lag time. For this, it is necessary for any organization to consider a critical element of successful network deployment which would be required to integrate cellular networks within any enterprise’s IT network.

In order to remove security concerns and make a viable choice, it is necessary to involve visibility and segmentation for easy networking. The partnership of both companies is now ready to provide a solution which has the tendency to eliminate all security concerns.

Dave Mor, CEO and Co-founder of OneLayer said, "We are excited to be working with Druid Software as a strategic partner. In addition to providing a security solution for Druid, we have also included Druid's core as a part of our new 5G Security Lab," He further added, "By providing a much-needed security solution for Druid, we are giving users the confidence to invest in adopting an LTE/5G network that has the potential to take their business to the next level. We feel this first-hand through our own implementations and research".

With this time-taking approach, OneLayer is expected to integrate its SaaS solution for Druid Software equipment. This step ahead will allow a seamless approach for any private LTE/5G network to run on the core of Druid’s software easily. It is a step to look ahead in the future, enabling a one-stop solution for securing private networks, allowing networking with the Zero Trust Approach, enabling asset management, policy enforcement and better segmentation for users.

According to Tadhg Kenny, Senior Vice President for Partnerships at Druid, "By adding this security solution which brings further essential capabilities for network protection, we are addressing a market need for our clients and ensuring them the best and safest 5G or 4G offering to date. He also quotes, “Our clients rely on Druid for the quality of its Raemis core network. Now with OneLayer's additional levels of security, we will be providing an even more comprehensive product to serve their business needs".

About OneLayer

OneLayer is an ultimate platform providing security solutions making your private LTE/5G network more secure than ever. Their enterprise-grade security can easily be implemented within any private cellular network in order to deliver better visibility with the control and proper protection of organizations. OneLayer was recently established in 2021 and founded by world-class cybersecurity experts with a thorough knowledge of cellular protocols and the needs of IoT sectors.

About Druid Software

Established in 2001, Druid Software is the leading cellular network software company based in Ireland. They are the pioneers who have evolved themselves as the world’s leading private 4G & 5G cellular technology. With years of experience, Druid has matured with its platform RAEMIS(™), a mature 3GPP compliance with unique features designed for businesses and enterprises. Druid Software provides solutions in various fields, such as enterprise communications, IoT, mobile edge computing, and public safety.

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