Singapore-based staffing platform Workmate acquired by Persol Asia Pacific

Published on 10/13/2022


Workmate acquired by Persol Asia Pacific

A leading HR service provider, Persol Asia Pacific, has acquired Workmate, a Singapore-based on-demand staffing platform. Workmate's acquisition will enable it to broaden its HR solutions across the Asia Pacific. Workmate focuses on the frontline and vital personnel. It already has operations in Thailand and Indonesia and will also start operating in Singapore this month.

Persol Asia Pacific is a part of Persol Holdings, traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. One of the biggest HR businesses in Japan, it has invested in HR digital businesses, including Glints.

Workmate was founded in 2016 to assist businesses in hiring frontline personnel while guaranteeing that employees have stable employment. More than 800 businesses and about 120,000 frontline employees are currently using it. According to the organisation, frontline employees do crucial tasks for the public and are often employed in low- to mid-skilled jobs. Manufacturing, food and beverage production, retail, and back office positions like administration and customer service are among the industries represented.

Workmate offers pre-screened personnel to businesses for both short- and long-term projects. It employs its own AI grading algorithms to increase the quality of matches, attendance rates, employee retention, and productivity. The algorithms blend first-hand behavioural data and worker history from Workmate's platform, including attendance and supervisor ratings, with data points like work experience, geography, and talents.

After the acquisition, Workmate will continue to operate independently under its current branding, with Persol Asia Pacific as its parent organisation.

About Workmate

Workmate is a top-tier workforce management platform in Southeast Asia that raises productivity among blue-collar workers. By developing intelligent solutions that streamline workforce management from operations to recruitment, they make a difference in shift-based labour and offer complex organisations greater control and visibility over workforce performance.

About PERSOL Holdings

PERSOL Holdings Co., Ltd. operates in the temporary employment sector. Temporary Staffing and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Recruiting, PROGRAM MED, PERSOL KELLY, ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing), Engineering, and Others are the business segments through which it conducts its operations. Clerical work, research and clinical development, outsourcing, nursing, and government office contract enterprises are all services offered by the Temporary Staffing and BPO market. The recruiting segment offers executive placement, part-time employment, new graduate assessment, and mid-career recruitment services. In Australia, the PROGRAM MED section offers maintenance and personnel services. In the Asia-Pacific area, the PERSOL KELLY division offers PERSOL KELLY brands. System solutions, business consulting, and outsourcing in the energy and information and communications technology (ICT) industries are all included in the ITO section. The engineering division creates and develops electronics, industrial and aeronautical machinery, automobiles and auto parts. Included in the Other sector are shared services like education and training. Additionally, it oversees the recruitment and outsourcing industries. Yoshiko Shinohara established the business in May 1973, which has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

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