Dropbox Acquires Boxcryptor, Offering End-To-End Knowledge Encryption


Published on 11/30/2022


Dropbox Acquires Boxcryptor

Dropbox, a simple and efficient way enabling to keep your files in sync, is all set to provide end-to-end encryption via acquiring ‘key-assets’ all the way from Boxcryptor, a Germany-based cloud-security company.

According to the Global Information Survey held in 2021, there was a rise for about 77% of respondents who saw the increased number of disruptive attacks followed by the Covid-19 pandemic. For the same reason, it was proven essential to have an encrypted file storage for people to safeguard information. With the agreement to acquire the ‘key-assets’ via Boxcryptor, it is expected to assist you with end-to-end zero-knowledge encryption.

The bizarre combination of Boxcryptor’s leading encryption with Dropbox’s easy-to-use product shall offer robust security features which will help customers with their evolving needs.

The level of privacy might not be of significant concern for people who are more prone to storing family pictures or music files. While for SMEs and enterprises, having end-to-end encryption is a big deal as it helps keep the information confidential with no intermediary access, keeping it stored in the cloud efficiently.

Moreover, it has already been planned to embed the capabilities of Boxcryptor to infuse with Dropbox,to let business users access them via a paid plans. Having another impeccable aspect of safeguarding the information with an additional layer of security will enable users to encrypt the files locally on their devices before syncing the content directly on Dropbox.

A Shield For Your Confidential Information

Since the initiation of Boxcryptor, it has successfully protected companies' data on numerous cloud storage offerings, including OneDrive, Google Drive, SharePoint and Dropbox. Truth be spoken, Dropbox was already one of most premier partners of Boxcryptor who have worked closely with the cloud giant ensuring utmost encryption on Dropbox’s cross-platform storage service.

After intense research, it has also been found that both companies are essentially cautious to not call this an all-out acquisition. According to Dropbox, it's on the go to acquire ‘key-assets’ while Boxcryptor says that Dropbox has acquired its intellectual property, including “key technology assets.”

Keeping all the right and wrong comings in mind, the acquisition seems to be old-fashioned but on the positive side. The “new mission” will be to embed Boxcryptor’s technology into Dropbox. And after today, nobody will be able to create an account or buy any licenses from Boxcryptor — it’s effectively closing to new customers, says the founders of Boxcryptor Andrea Pfundmeier and Robert Freudenreich.

“By providing our technology and deep-expertise to a global tech company like Dropbox, we’ll be able to better scale our security capabilities through Dropbox’s global platform and provide an elevated encryption experience for users,” they wrote. “This will ensure even more people are able to focus on the work that matters, knowing that their content is even more safe and secure.”

Boxcryptor has all its contracts set in place wherein they ensure no loss. Once all the keys are transferred over to Dropbox, everything shall remain where it currently is, in its German centres.

About Dropbox

Established in 2007 and having its headquarters in San Francisco, CA, Dropbox is a platform that enables you to sync all your files especially for business people. Dropbox offers the most productive tools to keep your files encrypted and the most promised security. They have more than 700 million active registered users across 180 countries.

About Boxcryptor

Established in 2011, Boxcryptor is one of the most reliable encryption software programs that has been developed in the data security industry. Since 10 years in the industry, they have been enabling people to benefit from the most-modern technology while keeping their data under control. Boxcryptor was initiated with the inspiration from cloud-computing security, with a vision to become the service of choice for everyone who wants to secure files in the cloud.

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