HubSpot and ClickUp Announces Partnership to Automate Manual Work and Increase Productivity

Published on 11/18/2022


HubSpot and ClickUp Announces Partnership

A much-requested partnership between ClickUp and HubSpot has officially been announced, enabling clients to design more effective workflows and improve teamwork. By combining the compelling features of ClickUp and HubSpot, stakeholders across the customer lifecycle experience enhanced productivity and have better access to the information they need to develop and expand customer connections. Businesses are under increased pressure to sustain topline growth while reducing spending due to shifting market conditions and economic uncertainties. Enabling a seamless customer experience through outstanding customer involvement and response is the cornerstone of a successful organisation.

According to ClickUp, by bringing together the two firms' strengths, stakeholders across the customer lifecycle can operate more productively and have better access to the data they need to create and establish customer relationships. After the collaboration, the firms claim that customers of ClickUp and HubSpot would gain from the ability to sync data between platforms, guaranteeing that the entire data is available and automatically updated without the need for manual intervention.

However, communication between the teams in charge of acquisition and enablement has usually been delayed and compartmentalised, which has led to the loss of revenue opportunities and poor customer service. Businesses nowadays require a powerful CRM system and a comprehensive work management platform to increase efficiency throughout their organisation and guarantee stakeholders that they are operating at their highest potential.

Accelerate Project Delivery

Teams can now set up almost any kind of workflow they can conceive between ClickUp and HubSpot due to the new integration, which will help them finish client-related projects more rapidly. When an assignee on a project on ClickUp changes, the linked deal in HubSpot will automatically be updated so that customer-facing teams are updated on their new point of contact.

Streamline Procedures

Customers of ClickUp can now connect projects and activities to a customer's status or stage in the customer journey because of the new integration. A fully-templated onboarding project can be instantly created within ClickUp when a contract closes in HubSpot. Offering key stakeholders updates about the project's status makes it easier for a professional service team to oversee the onboarding process.

Better Visibility

Now that a deal can be accessed directly within ClickUp, project teams can better monitor how their efforts have affected a customer's success. With connections between your clients' projects and their customers, linked HubSpot deals and objects will be directly linked within tasks and subtasks.

About ClickUp

All organisational departments can use the flexible workplace productivity platform provided by ClickUp. Zeb Evans and Alex Yurkowski established the business in 2017 in San Diego, California. To boost team productivity, it creates a project management application. Its platform enables team members to plan, manage, and communicate on projects using the same app, and it provides documents, reminders, goals, calendars, and inbox features. ClickUp offers a $5 per month (paid annually) per-user service that gives users access to chat, docs and wikis, task management software, and integrations with various other well-known services. Depending on the work at hand, it is a powerful set of tools that is adaptable.

About HubSpot

HubSpot offers cloud-based inbound marketing software that enables companies to revamp their online marketing strategies. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah founded HubSpot, with its main office in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a second location in Dublin, Ireland. Social media publishing and monitoring, blogging, SEO, website content management, email marketing, marketing automation, and reporting and analytics are all included in its service offering. Due to HubSpot's sales application, sales and service teams may have productive conversations with leads and prospects.

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