Picsart Introduces AI-Powered Image Generation And Copywriting Tool

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Published on 11/03/2022


Picsart Introduces AI-Powered Image Generation And Copywriting Tool

As part of its effort to improve its array of creative tools, Florida-based digital creation firm Picsart announced that it would be introducing an AI Image Generator for producing images and an AI Writer to produce ad content.

The foundation of Picsart's AI Image Generator is an open-source stable diffusion model combined with proprietary technologies. The software is currently supported by Picsart's Web Editor as well as iOS. According to Picsart, there are approximately 150 million active users each month on the platform.

The AI Image and AI Text Generator:

After launching the iOS app, users may access the AI Image Generator by tapping the plus symbol at the bottom of their screen to start a new project. After that, they will need to scroll down to find the tool and click it to choose it. They can type a word, phrase, or sentence related to the desired image they want to create. The "Generate image" option also allows you to choose from the suggested keywords and view the AI-generated images that result. They can then choose their preferred image and continue to tweak it with other Picsart tools.

The new AI Writer, which also functions as an ad writer, social media bio builder, rephrase, and marketing slogan generator, is made to assist small business marketers in creating copywriting tools that are user-friendly for everyone. Users can access the feature using Picsart's Quicktools by answering a few questions, choosing the specific tone or voice they want, and then clicking "Access". A copy will then be created in a matter of seconds. It is based on OpenAI's tool GPT-3.

Easy To Use

The most promising application of generative AI is for users who may not be accustomed to utilising complex design applications. Small business marketers widely use self-serve, drag-and-drop tools for web promotion. Without paying a design expert or enrolling in an online course, generative AI can reduce the learning curve and will open the horizons of your maximum learning that most beginning designers face.

Not only Picsart but other creative businesses have embraced AI. A generative AI tool that can build innovative templates from a suggestion was demonstrated by Adobe and will soon be available in Adobe Express. Clients of Shutterstock will be able to create and licence stock photos using DALL-E due to a partnership with OpenAI.

Hovhannes Avoyan, the founder and CEO of Picsart, remarked on the effect of the AI-Image Generator and Writer in a press release “Generative AI is a powerful new resource for visual creators and anyone who needs content. There are two huge advantages of this technology: the first is making creativity accessible to new people and the second is increasing productivity for those who already create. The tools we’re launching today are the first of many generative AI features we plan to roll out.”

The platform's AI tools, including its AI Enhance and AI-Generated Fonts features, will be enhanced by Picsart's new AI Image Generator and AI Writer.

About Picsart

Picsart is a platform for modifying photos, videos and a creative community. Its AI-powered tools enable creators of all levels to design, edit and share content anywhere. It is listed amongst the top 20 most downloaded apps globally, according to SensorTower. The platform has gathered one of the world's greatest libraries of open-source content, which includes images, stickers, backdrops, templates, and more. Picsart is utilised for both individual and company design by customers, marketers, content providers, and businesses. Through APIs and an SDK, Picsart also makes its top-notch image editing and processing capabilities available to companies.

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