FiscalNote Announces Its Platform Relaunch, Offering New Features and Improvement



FiscalNote Announces Its Platform Relaunch


The SaaS policy and stakeholder management platform, FiscalNote, has relaunched its platform. It enables international clients to reduce policy risk, direct critical corporate activities, and discover chances to achieve their business goals in a time of rapid and comprehensive policymaking.

Technology firm FiscalNote offers businesses and organizations government relations software and services. Global firms may conduct their businesses and understand how the law affects their sector by using FiscalNote, which compiles open and legal data from worldwide sources.

Features Of The New FiscalNote Platform

The information services company FiscalNote focuses on market intelligence and international politics. Its goal is to make it possible for other companies to handle their relations with elected officials and to make it easier for local or international legislation and rules to be developed in their favour. The following changes have been made to the new FiscalNote Platform experience:

  • The technology powering FiscalNote's application has been completely rebuilt: They have included a modernized, redesigned user interface to make it simpler to access, personalize, organize, and act on policy data and information.
  • Integration of a streamlined news feed: In addition to alerts, a news feed will enable users to keep track of policy information alongside a stream of timely, essential headlines from award-winning CQ news. There are also plans to compile information from more than 1,500 additional sources to provide users with immediate awareness of local, state, federal, and international news headlines that impact organizations.
  • Unified search process: Gives users many more options over how to view the policy datasets from various government entities quickly.
  • Updated workspaces: Enhances overall usability, data retrieval, and information sharing to stimulate organizational action and alignment around important policy objectives.
  • Enhanced session dates and calender feature: Provides extra customizing choices, such as the capacity to monitor scheduled hearings alongside other actions.
  • Improved infrastructure will speed up future innovation: With additional plans to supply extended data sets, new features and higher quality improvements going forward, the revamped platform enables future product development to be deployed even faster and more efficiently.

Recently FiscalNote Acquired DT-Global Business Consulting

In October, FiscalNote acquired Austria-based market intelligence provider DT-Global Business Consulting. This move broadens the company's geopolitical and market intelligence offering and increases its customer base in the important Central and Eastern European regions.

The deal also improves the capabilities of FisscalNote's FrontViewer and Oxford Analytica solutions for global firms and organizations dealing with difficult and complex business environments in the region.

About FiscalNote

FiscalNote is a technology-driven worldwide software data and media firm which provides clients with the relevant policy information and insights at the right time so they can more effectively navigate market risk and uncertainty and take advantage of new possibilities. It was founded by Chris Brummer, Gerald Yao, Jonathan Chen, Tim Hwang in April 2013 and is based in Washington, D.C. In a world that is changing quickly, FiscalNote's tools, analysis, news, and award-winning writing serve as the go-to source of local. FiscalNote provides global legislative and regulatory data, policy news and analysis, stakeholder management, collaboration tools, and advocacy tools to more than 4,000 clients.

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