With a new interface, Workday becomes more modern and customized

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Published on 09/19/2022


Workday turns more modern and personalized with new interface makeover

Workday, which provides a suite of services to help businesses manage people and finances, was one of the first enterprise SaaS companies to launch, launching in 2005, about six years after Salesforce.

The business updated and simplified its product line interface for all users, including managers, IT, and frontline staff.

In a blog post published by the firm announcing the UX changes, Workday Chief Design Officer Jeff Gelfuso, entrusted with delivering the design modernization, sees it as simplifying the experience for all users, regardless of their function.

This type of redesign has been evolved to provide a more user-friendly experience that doesn't appear or feel like a cumbersome business program but rather resembles a feature you're used to utilizing in your daily life on your phone or tablet.

This involves providing an experience tailored to your job position rather than an interface that works for everyone. "We're focusing on [job roles] as unique personas and having different experiences surfaced up to those individuals, those different personas, depending on where they are and what they're doing," he said.

According to Stratton, a business software ecosystem requires that it be open and accessible, making it easier for users to complete their tasks.

Workday's integration with Slack illustrates how it has interacted with other platforms even before this modification. An employee can request a day off on Slack rather than the Workday program, and the request will be promptly forwarded to management, who can quickly approve it.

There are two approaches for creating Workday-based applications. The first strategy is Workday Extend, which has been around for a while but improved in the latest edition. According to Stratton, this is a platform created for IT and developers to create apps that cater to the requirements of a specific firm.

The new approach, known as Workday App Builder, is a low-code solution for a line of business users and is provided as part of Extend. "App Builder is a move towards low code, no code to enable business users to build those applications themselves. So, rather than relying on a developer or someone in their IT shop, the actual business users will be able to develop those themselves," Stratton said.

The company's client conference, Workday Rising, which is taking place this week in Orlando, introduces all of this and more today.

About Workday

Workday, a market leader in SaaS-based enterprise solutions for human resources, payroll, and financial management, provides unprecedented levels of business agility at a fraction of the cost of purchasing, putting into place, and maintaining legacy on-premise systems.. Workday Human Capital Management and Workday Financial Management use modern, standards-based technologies to offer an unrivaled level of agility, usability, and integration capacity.

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