SMS Marketing Software

The communications protocol SMS (Short Message Service) sends and receives text messages on mobile phones. It is supported by virtually all mobile phones, from the most basic to the most advanced, and is offered by nearly all mobile networks and carriers worldwide.

Only approximately 20 to 30 per cent of marketing emails get opened, depending on who you ask. Comparing that to SMS text message, marketers' reported open rate of 99 per cent makes it easy to see why so many businesses are interested in SMS marketing.

What is an SMS Marketing Software, and how does it work?

SMS marketing (or text marketing) software is a bulk text message-sharing tool. It enables businesses to send SMSs to customers while also assisting them with the creation and maintenance of contact lists, the scheduling of message delivery, the analysis of response rates, and the generation of reports.

Here is the list of the best SMS Marketing Software .

Benefits of SMS Marketing Software

SMS marketing is one of the cost-effective methods of reaching a large audience. The following are some of the main advantages it provides:


  • High open rates: Over 23 billion text messages are sent every day, with 97% of them being opened. Only 20% of emails are opened, on the other hand. This data demonstrates that a client sees an SMS in virtually every case, assuring businesses that their message will reach the intended audience.
  • Better adoption rates with faster delivery: Unlike emails or social media, text messages can be sent to any phone, from pager to the most up-to-date smartphone. In brief, marketers can take advantage of the fact that all mobile phones can text.
  • Traceable outcomes: Unlike traditional advertising, the results of SMS marketing can be measured. The platform provides organizations with a real-time snapshot of campaign performance in SMSs delivered, opened, read, and responded to. This allows marketers to assess client involvement at various campaign stages and make adjustments as needed.

SMS Marketing Software Features

  • Bulk texting: Send messages to a massive group of people at once.
  • Contact management: Create a single repository to organize and search for contact information such as name, address, and phone number.
  • Scheduled messaging: Set timing for sending messages to specific people or entire contact lists.
  • Reporting/Analytics: Determine and report the SMS marketing campaign's performance using KPIs such as messages sent, read, and responded to.
  • Mobile Keywords: To allow readers to execute certain activities during the campaign, provide unique identifying keywords in the text message. For example, to continue receiving messages, type "START" or "STOP."