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  • What started as a simple delinquent invoice collection program (InvoiceSherpa) has evolved into one of the most powerful, and fastest-growing CRM and marketing platforms. Go High Level is a marketing agency-based program that boasts a fixed-price model, with the capability to white-label marketing agency services. Additionally, Go High Level also features a generous affiliate compensation package. InsiderApps caught co-founder and CEO Shaun Clark at home in Eugene, Oregon, and picked his brain about the history and future of Go High Level.… read more
  • While remote projects can be beneficial, they can also make your work-from-home employees feel alienated and affect their productivity. Video conferencing is one of the most effective methods for enhancing remote worker productivity. Several video conferencing and collaboration programs and platforms are available, including Whereby and Lifesize. Many professional teams across industries use video meeting applications to have meetings as basic… read more
  • A compelling resource management app may pave the way for corporates and small teams juggling a lot of moving parts to produce their finest work on projects. This article will walk you through the top 10 resource management apps you will need to manage your small teams. 1. Teamdeck For teams who wish to organize and measure their work successfully, Teamdeck is a resource scheduling and time tracking solution. It's a must-have for managing resources and… read more
  • Are you interested in creating a visual app but are wary of the strenuous process? Are you a beginner who is on the lookout for No-Code platforms to give life to your ideas? The method of developing an app has been transformed with no-code tools. If coding was the lucrative task that held them back, no-code platforms break down that barricade. Now you can create your app without knowing to code as well! With the availability of platforms using Codeless UI, a beginner can enter the field without hesitation. It dramatically aids those… read more
  • Farm technology is changing rapidly, with new apps and devices being released yearly. Farmers use these tools to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits. Some popular technologies include GPS tracking, yield analysis, and climate control. We love farmers and their resourcefulness, which is why this issue covers farm and livestock tech. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize agriculture, helping feed the planet and make farming more efficient. From using artificial intelligence as a farmhand to getting animals to… read more
  • What is an Ad partner? In a straightforward inventory selling process, consider an Ad partner as a middle person liable for introducing the right impression to the right purchaser. It accomplishes with the publishers (supply-side) and advertisers (demand side) to assist them in reaching their ad campaign goals. Most publishers have some expertise in one specific kind of ad design. Subsequently, publishers hoping to adapt through a particular format ought to consider ad agencies. Why are they important? Networking within the advertising… read more
  • Salesforce, Salesdrive, etc.—are the companies you'll read about in the following few sections—that have something in common. Each has grown from a humble startup to one of Silicon Valley's most prominent companies worth billions. Yet all have done it without sacrificing their original ideals or core values. How? Purpose-driven growth is defined as "growing your business to achieve specific business objectives while also staying true to your foundational mission as a company." While there are many ways to grow a business, Salesforce,… read more
  • Like many Ukraine-based businesses, Serpstat had to improvise quickly to respond to the war. InsiderApps recently spoke to CEO, Katerina Kabakova about how the company adapted, in addition to their history and growth in the last few years. Having worked in management spheres since 2005, Katerina has a wealth of experience in media and marketing, and joined Serpstat as CEO in 2018. Serpstat markets itself as "a hacking tool for SEO" marketing and more. We asked her about that, and how Serpstat's expansion… read more
  • Every possible business communication has turned virtual. As the entire world goes beyond virtual activities, from virtual classrooms to virtual patient-care assistance, remote meetings, and client or customer calls over video calls. These sought-after video and audio calling software for business are experiencing a massive spike in the… read more
  • In the era of virtual classes and busy schedules, childcare management has become an essential aspect of consideration for both parents and teachers. The grown-ups need to understand the need of the hour for their children to provide them with appropriate facilities. Moreover, there are many childcare management applications and software to help parents, teachers, and administrators these days. These applications allow the parents to look over their… read more
  • Nowadays, businesses have started understanding the potential of creating objectives with their respective key results. OKRs are used by organizations worldwide to drive strategic direction and focus efforts toward achieving company objectives. Purpose and Key Results Software are created to assist you in forming and following OKRs at the administrative, unit, and personal levels. In today's era, adopting the OKR Framework and the software usually comes hand in… read more
  • Everyone talks about the importance of building trust in teams. Companies spend significant time and budgets on various workshops, training, trips, and exercises. After all, you must invest in trust-building and team bonding to achieve high performance in the workplace, right? Well, no. There's a much better way. A team management software enhances collaboration and work coordination and boosts your team's productivity and work quality. Using uncomplicated tools, such as time-… read more
  • InsiderApps recently spoke with Igor Rudnyk, the CEO of The platorm is a Direct Advertisement Exchange Platform with thousands of websites and telegram channels to choose from for advertisement and promotional purposes. provides live audience data, and dynamics for the properties with over 40+ indicators including traffic, and audience sources for the last 6 months. As an experienced SEO and marketing programmer, Igor's extensive and varied experience helped him come up with the idea of In… read more
  • Automating customer review responses should be high on your priority list if you want to boost customer engagement. Automation is the basis of technology, according to this theory. It aids in developing brand loyalty and reflects your dedication to providing excellent service. It will be more efficient in operations, and the higher response quality will give you a competitive advantage. What is Yelp? Several review sites have fallen by the wayside, but Yelp has remained a reliable source for evaluations and ratings of local businesses. Yelp… read more
  • As a handyman, it's essential to have your business needs organized, whether that implies having a helpful reference guide readily available or a fast and straightforward way to allow customers to pay for services. Nowadays, there are plenty of plumbing apps you can use to help you when you're out in the field managing conditions, pipe sizing, and other plumbing needs that are great for the organization. Whether you're hoping to improve your workflow, process payroll, or make challenging plumbing calculations, having the correct application… read more

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